OUTLOOK Monday 23 July, 2018
Open Field

Why, you might ask yourself, did they not zoom into the grinning faces of this father and son duo when covering the France vs Belgium semi-final. But, in St Petersburg, they only had lenses for fans who had personal investment in the outcome of the game. Point is, like so many of us, Abhishek and Amitabh, too, had lots to cheer about. At half-time, they were even.

Friends In Black, United Forever

If Vicky Kaushal, rather than the launch vehicle, Ranbir Kapoor, blew your mind in Sanju, you have to tip your hat to the man beh­ind Kamlesh ‘Kamli’ Kanhaiyalal—Paresh Ghelani, the turbulent Sanjay Dutt’s rock, refuge and best man. In a cathartic social media post, Ghelani poured out his emotions.  

In her Silver Chalice

Ah, star kids! Earlier, preened and prim­ped to their toenails at glamorous parties, they would have been at the mercy of paid Page 3 photographers. Now, Ins­ta­g­ram has granted them the agency to pose as fashionistas, taking the wind out of the sails of cruel judges. Surely, more dem­o­cr­atic, you’d agree? Then raise a toast to Sara Tendulkar, the new girl on your screen.

Twice-Turned Tale

Handspring 360 and Tsukuhara 720 are just names that go with the twists, turns, tumbles and landings in the sport with the lowest margin for errors. Then there is the Produnova, a fiendish routine containing a handspring and two somersaults. The only Indian to dare dream of it, then execute it in Rio in 2016, Dipa Karmakar, will be back in action in the Jakarta Asiad after a long injury-­induced break. The death-defying vault, its difficulty level axed recently, is very much on the mat, says Dipa.

What The Beads Tell

Netflix’s starry Sacred Games has enticed the media and attr­acted controversy. But it has thrown up a new star—Kubbra Sait’s Kuk­koo, a transgender, is an unalloyed hit, especially the ons­creen nudity on which the character hin­ges. We present Kubbra thus: str­­ong­­-lim­bed, clean-jawed, ath­­letically sensuous...deli­ghtfully retro-­­­­fitted with those shorts that smell of the ’80s.

Same Umberellaa

They say you have an exact double somewhere on the planet. A natural doppelganger, if you like. When friends told Chhattisgarh model Renee Kujur (left) that she was a spitting image of  pop superstar and fashion icon Rihanna, she laughed it off. More discoveries meant Renee’s dubious, Instagrammed fame now rests on this incontrovertible likeness. A positive: people who disparaged her ‘dark’ skin are now scraping before her.

This Too Happened

The Information Commissioner’s Office fined Facebook £500,000 after finding it failed to protect user data and for not being transparent enough about how data was harvested in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook earned the fine amount every five minutes in the first quarter of 2018.

  • Acid attack survivors remind us of the primitive core within our cellphone-toting society. So, when five such women, half their faces veiled for a confident gait, walked at Agnimitra Paul’s show in Calcutta as show-stoppers, everyone clapped in heartfelt sympathy. The clothes, sadly, would hardly stop anyone in their tracks.
  • Rehabilitation after the dreadful floods is ano­ther matter, but there was no dearth of notable people making full-throated appeals for funds for Kerala. On tour in the US, A.R. Rahman act­ually dipped into his pockets, and came up with Rs 1 crore. And they cheered for him in Washington when he showed it.   
  • A bounteous twirl of silk made many a fashionista’s day at the Lakme Fashion Week. That would be Sushmita’s flamboyant ‘pantsari’. Yes, nothing sari about it, except a pleated  pallu hanging apologetically. Elsewhere, Hema Malini and daughter Esha par­aded  gorgeous Assamese silk saris. Later, at a backstage media interaction, mother and daughter were only interested in the latter’s film Cakewalk. Chided  for misusing the platform, they stormed off in anger. What happened to the saris, though?
  • Bollywood stars are common items at the annual India Day par­ade in New York, but genius West Indian batsmen aren’t. Kamalahaasan and co-act­r­ess Pooja Kumar were noted, but the man who brought things to a tricoloured boil was the original master-blaster, the inimitable Sir Viv.


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