OUTLOOK Monday 16 July, 2018
Talking Of Michelangelo

A picture you seem to have missed: Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi in earnest conversation with former PM Manmohan Singh. Ah, no wonder you’ve never seen this, for Anupam Kher (Singh), Arjun Mathur (Rahul) and Aahana Kumra (Priyanka) promise to be master impersonators of personages much in news. They might as well be, for they’ll be judged and scrutinised!

Take Three

If recent rumours of a  grand falling out bet­ween Katrina and Jacqueline are true, they seem to be truly talented actresses, a secret they’ve managed to keep from us. For, the glamorously bem­asked (and generously sequinned) duo, along with Sonakshi on a Dabangg tour in the US,  look very comfortable with each other. Bhaijaan needn’t worry, he is in good hands.

A Full Score Life

As a modern purveyor of Indian dance, Uday Shankar was unparallelled. His prodigiously talented wife, danseuse and choreographer Amala Shnkar, turned 100. Her house, in Calcutta, filled up as family gathered around the grand dame, incl­uding her daughter, actr­ess-dancer Mamata Shankar. A perfect occasion, then, to screen the path-breaking Kalpana (1948), directed/acted by Uday Shankar and also starring Amala.

The Same Cloth

“Shahrukh!!!”cried the assorted papa­razzi as he stepped out of his car with wife Gauri at a party at the Ambanis’. A few steps nearer, and they were struck dumb at the preternatural likeness bet­ween father and son. Aryan Khan can take comfort that it’s a case of life imitating an old Bollywood trope. He could also act in remakes of his dad’s movies!

Not Like A Father

The youthful Mithun extracted appeal from a lissom roughness that hinted at a softer core. It’s not only unfortunate that his son Mahakshay has nothing of the same, now the boy has been charged by an actress (a former girlfriend) with being an unspeakable cad. Our hearts go out to Mithtunda for having to endure all this.

Say, Star

Okay, she has oomph, but Rebekah, wife of England striker Jamie Vardy, also has the wisdom and character to scoff at OK! mag’s title of ‘Queen of the World Cup Wags’. A role in a galaxy of ten wives and GFs who cheered England as they broke the WC penalty barrier is enough for her.

This Too Happened

The North American box office has clocked its highest ever figures in a quarter, between April and June this year. With sequels like Avengers: Infinity War, Jurassic World and Incredibles 2 raking it in, the total stands at $3.3 billion at a time when online streaming is said to be challenging the theatrical experience.

  • When we were little in the ’80s and Anup Jalota was a star, we still saw him as a podgy fel­low with a mellow voice. Now that he has Jasleen Math­aru as companion in Bigg Boss 12, how many are stumped? Jasleen is a singer, Jalota’s ‘disciple’ and...but then surely we’re not as crass as to jealously repeat the crude trolls? Believers in peace, we’d say: very well done, Anup.
  • Acid attack survivors remind us of the primitive core within our cellphone-toting society. So, when five such women, half their faces veiled for a confident gait, walked at Agnimitra Paul’s show in Calcutta as show-stoppers, everyone clapped in heartfelt sympathy. The clothes, sadly, would hardly stop anyone in their tracks.
  • Rehabilitation after the dreadful floods is ano­ther matter, but there was no dearth of notable people making full-throated appeals for funds for Kerala. On tour in the US, A.R. Rahman act­ually dipped into his pockets, and came up with Rs 1 crore. And they cheered for him in Washington when he showed it.   
  • A bounteous twirl of silk made many a fashionista’s day at the Lakme Fashion Week. That would be Sushmita’s flamboyant ‘pantsari’. Yes, nothing sari about it, except a pleated  pallu hanging apologetically. Elsewhere, Hema Malini and daughter Esha par­aded  gorgeous Assamese silk saris. Later, at a backstage media interaction, mother and daughter were only interested in the latter’s film Cakewalk. Chided  for misusing the platform, they stormed off in anger. What happened to the saris, though?


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