OUTLOOK Monday 09 July, 2018
Adult Actress, Hottest Fan

With Russia doing fabulously well at the World Cup, they thronged the stadium in noticeable numbers—from the dowdiest of Dunyashas to the sveltest of Svetlanas. But the one the cameras fell for was tiny-tee’d, blonde Natalya Nemchinova, Russ­ian flags fluttering gaily from outstretched arms. The Kremlin is a fan too!

Pure Starshine

We’ve expended ink on this before...these age-defying visitations from Rekha. The IIFA Awards in Bangkok will now be remembered not for the mandatory waffling of tired actors mewling stilted jokes, but for the prima donna in her anarkali, as perfectly preserved as she was  in Umrao Jaan, as nimble on her feet while the nostalgic tunes played out. The aud­ience was  overwhelmed; the whole galaxy of male stars swirling at her feet only marked her pull.

Oh Inamorato!

A girl in love is a simple, glorious sight to behold. Gone is the richly made up, coiffured and gowned glamour of Sunset Boulevard stock. The Priyanka Chopra we see, paired with Nick Jonas in Mumbai and Goa, is stripped clean of big-screen poseur. The girl in our frame is possibly in her late teens, stepping out quietly for her  tenth date with her beau. A miracle? Happens all the time.

Within 64 Squares

The ability to think cleanly, and deeply, through an opponent’s mind and to unpick his sedulously guarded strategy is one thing. To do that to adults on the world stage at age 12 is special. Chennai’s R. Pra­­g­­g­­na­nandhaa, the world’s second-youngest grandmaster, bore his achi­evement quite coolly, with an air of expectation bearing fruit. The lad has bigger scalps on his mind.

Songs Of Friendship

Gabriel Faure composed on the piano, but the great French composer possibly never had the chance to serenade a premier. That honour went to the sitar-­carrying Seychelles president, Danny Faure. At a lunch hosted by PM Modi, Faure, who certainly looked to have come prepared, launched lustily into the song Mon Pei Sa, deeply moving everyone within earshot.

Open To The World

At Chennai’s Loyola, they shape solid scholars. But Anukreethy Vas, a bachelor’s student of Fre­nch literature, cast a dice at Miss India too, and came back crowned beauty queen. The Tri­chy native is a dancer, athlete and biker who has dabbled in modelling and was raised by a single mother against many odds.

This Too Happened

Aussie actor Russell Crowe is said to be in line to essay the role of former Fox News executive Roger Ailes on the big screen. Ailes founded Fox News in 1996 and was ousted from it in 2016 after 20 women alleged sexual harassment. Before he died in 2017, he had denied all the allegations.

  • When we were little in the ’80s and Anup Jalota was a star, we still saw him as a podgy fel­low with a mellow voice. Now that he has Jasleen Math­aru as companion in Bigg Boss 12, how many are stumped? Jasleen is a singer, Jalota’s ‘disciple’ and...but then surely we’re not as crass as to jealously repeat the crude trolls? Believers in peace, we’d say: very well done, Anup.
  • Acid attack survivors remind us of the primitive core within our cellphone-toting society. So, when five such women, half their faces veiled for a confident gait, walked at Agnimitra Paul’s show in Calcutta as show-stoppers, everyone clapped in heartfelt sympathy. The clothes, sadly, would hardly stop anyone in their tracks.
  • Rehabilitation after the dreadful floods is ano­ther matter, but there was no dearth of notable people making full-throated appeals for funds for Kerala. On tour in the US, A.R. Rahman act­ually dipped into his pockets, and came up with Rs 1 crore. And they cheered for him in Washington when he showed it.   
  • A bounteous twirl of silk made many a fashionista’s day at the Lakme Fashion Week. That would be Sushmita’s flamboyant ‘pantsari’. Yes, nothing sari about it, except a pleated  pallu hanging apologetically. Elsewhere, Hema Malini and daughter Esha par­aded  gorgeous Assamese silk saris. Later, at a backstage media interaction, mother and daughter were only interested in the latter’s film Cakewalk. Chided  for misusing the platform, they stormed off in anger. What happened to the saris, though?


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