OUTLOOK Monday 18 June, 2018
#byebyebikini, Says The Minority

When does a beauty ‘pageant’ turn on its heels and walk off from what defined it?Was it a crisis of confidence, then, in its very DNA that prom­p­ted the Miss America pageant to banish its bikinis and evening gown rounds in favour of “social impact initiatives” of its contestants? Gran­ted, the national institution was aligned to the male gaze, but to abjure ‘looks’ in favour of ‘talent’ will only invite grunts from Trump’s America.

Not Hitting This One

Left shoulder leant forward, bat held in readiness...Virat, evidently, is getting into the axis of a pull, or, if the ball rises conveniently over that shoulder, a hook. No problem with this stance—it’s a picture of poise. Except it’s the product of 200 measurements and photos by Madame Tussauds, and Virat in flesh is Virat cast in wax.

Don Diva

The titles of ‘Model of Don’, ‘Rostov Bea­uty’ and ‘Donbass Open’ fell at her feet, bef­ore the coveted Miss Russia. There followed a glamorous car­eer in modelling, as anc­hor of a football show and a marriage to a top footballer. Vict­oria Lopyreva is official representative of the 2018 World Cup. Doesn’t that ball look inviting next to her?

‘Tone Deaf’

The door to the Merce­des convertible lies open, as the high-born dame, well swaddled in white, lays one gloved hand on the steering wheel. Vogue Arabia tho­ught this photo of Prin­cess Hayfa bint Abd­ullah Al Saud, anticipating the end of the driving ban for Saudi women, would go down well. But with most rights activists who fought the ban rotting  beh­ind bars, all it did was release pent-up indignation.

No ‘Malice’, Just ‘Fun’

He badmouthed Barack Obama in shocking language, ran an election campaign promising to mur­der drug peddlers (and made good on it) and hab­­i­­tually disses women. Maybe, Philippine Pre­si­dent Rodrigo Duterte, 73, felt kissing an aud­­ience member at an event for Filipinos in Seoul would airbrush his image. Fat chance. Shrill cries followed.

Be Happy In Your Work!

The bell has rung for Priyanka—so, after all, while spu­rning earnest suitors for years, saying she just had too much work, she was keeping a sharp eye out for the right guy. When singer Nick Jonas hove into view last year, things accelerated at an unusual pace. These days, they spend time falling over each other on social media, not minding the 10-year age gap. That’s a lot of work!

This Too Happened

US-based rapper Riff Raff, who has worked with the likes of Katy Perry in the past, has been accused of rape and sexual harassment in two separate incidents. Raff, whose real name is Horst Simco, responded on Instagram saying the accusations were ‘lies’.

  • Swatted aside by rivals Barca in two El Classicos, and kicked out from the Champions League by Ajax, a whimpering Real Madrid—their rhythm hitting  serious notes of  the blues, had to sack manager Santiago Soleri. Enter Zinedine Zidane, the magic man who delivered nine trophies  before resigning last May. Can Zizou do it without Ronaldo? Let’s see.
  • Right. Another line-up of pretty youngsters photographed against another (fancy) brick-wall. The cast of Malang has Kunal Kemmu, Aditya Roy Kapur and the delectable Disha Patani. But who’s the third man here...the young spark grinning away like an ingenue at his first photoshoot? None other than Anil Kapoor, our ’80s Lakhan who lost many kilos, added oodles of mojo and now runs with the hares. Salut!
  • The women of Khatikhera village of Hapur, UP, stared at, then fought off, the age-old stigma atta­ched to menstruation to start a small unit that makes affordable sanitary pads for all. They are the subject of Period. End of Sentence, which won the Oscar for the Best Documentary Short.Producer Melissa Berton (centre left) and director Rayka Zehtabchi celebrate on the stage in LA. They sang and danced all night at Khatikhera too.
  • If there was a couple encased in classiness at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monaco, France, it was wrestler Vinesh Phogat (up for the World Come­back Award, along with Tiger Woods and others) and husband Somvir Rat­­hee. Winner of the Sport for Good gong? Jharkhand-based NGO Yuwa.


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