OUTLOOK Monday 11 June, 2018
Cup Of Joy

Brazilian Marcelo should be proud of running tirelessly across the track for 90 minutes. Spain’s captain Sergio Ramos should be glad his brutal, but cunning, tackle put Moha­med Salah out of action. Together, the two Real Madrid players exhibit the Cha­mpion’s League Trophy in Madrid’s Cibeles Square. In all this, spare a mite of compassion for Liverpool’s goalie, the hapless Loris Karius.

How Pantheresque!

WTA lovelies who thought Serena would be out for long after chi­ldbi­rth got a jolt when the ind­­efatigable Williams arrived at the French Open in her “catsuit 2.0”, also dedicated, somew­hat clumsily, to all women suf­­­­­­f­erers. Think it’s too non-tennis? Rewind to Mary Pierce’s raiment from ’97!

Love Slumbers On

Didn’t we all envy Arjun Rampal, much bef­ore he took his stony visage to films, for marrying the ethereal Mehr Jessia? Twe­nty years on, they seemed a fixity, like a rock. Till now, when news of a separation bursts upon us, with a sober statement saying ‘finis’.

Hitting Sixers Are Easier

When Shibani Dandekar invited dancers up on the stage at a cricket ratings award, two punters leapt up on to the stage. Chris Gayle, born swinging his bat to the rhythms of Calypso is a natural mover we know. But has Shikhar Dhawan dancing credentials? His wrestling raps on the thighs are ugly, and wedding bhangra moves just won’t do.

Not Much Of A Wall

If one beauty is petite, the other is Amazonian. And the man to curl his free-kicks between them effortlessly, that too under the same roof, is a bulkier Ronaldinho. No, dual  matrimony to Beatriz and Priscilla is untrue. Evidently in fine fettle, sho­uldn’t he be terrorising penalty boxes with Neymar in Russia?

Look Sharp

Some are born to the swimsuit; some are forced into it and simper miserably to make a point. Blow-haired and loose limbed,  the girl with the most oomph in Bolly­wood (as matters stand, and they stand with sinuosity), Disha Pat­ani, can take out a few of Rio’s top talents. One grouse with this Instagram snap—the shades have no work; those eyes, lit with light, are part of the beach appeal. As for rum­ours of a secret holiday with Tiger Shroff, expect Disha to muscle her way out.

This Too Happened

The English, probably sick of over-hyping their football side every World Cup year have done the
opposite and lambasted 23-year-old winger Raheem Sterling for sporting a gun tattoo. The Manchester City player’s dad died in gun violence when he was two, a fact the tabloids didn’t give much thought to.

  • Only gali boys with millionaire benefactors can afford to  dress so tastelessly in expensive jackets and sportswear. But when has Bollywood let verisimilitude stand in its  strident ways? Thus, Ranveer at the trailer launch of Gully Boy, about a rapper’s breakthrough, with co-star Alia, who does better. 
  • They don’t have the ceremonial heft of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, though Malaysia’s Muhammad V and his Russian lover Oksana Voevodina certainly are better looking by a million miles. The cases are simply similar: Muhammad, in his second year of a five-year term, reportedly gave up his throne to marry his sweetheart. But who wouldn’t trade that unwieldy diadem for those gorgeous brown ringlets?
  • Right. A caricatured, age-old trope   from Bollywood: The figure of the garishly done up ‘rowdy Romeo’ (those ani­malistic jackets, that high heel, the wolf whistle) wooing the shyly wanton trollop, finger on chin, hips commencing to swing away to a rising shriek of music. Ranveer and Sara Ali Khan  are only play-acting for a promo for Simmba, but if this depresses you, close your eyes and think of Grace Kelly.
  • The successive stages of the making of Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika has been greedily recounted, so the release of the trailer came on its downward crest. But it’s not only Kangana’s proud Laxmibai with her bevy of attendants, there are Tatya Tope and Bajirao II to contend with too.


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