OUTLOOK Monday 21 May, 2018
Now Wave Back

As the little party slowly app­roached the wedding venue of Sonam Kapoor in Bandra, Mumbai, papa­razzi espied three bona fide movie stars—Karisma, Kareena and Saif. But the beady eyed little fellow surveying the world from dad’s shoulder made the lensmen zoom in, then zoom in some more. Pink seemingly being the family colour, little Taimur would wear nothing but that. We understand.

Away On The Train Of Life

Even a wedding so carefully choreographed, photographers at the ready to take the most fetching images for the world waiting outside, has images as natural and heartening as this. Anand Ahuja, very much the handsome groom (that dagger is jewel-enc­rusted, I’m sure), kneels beside his heavily draped bride, Sonam Kapoor, who’s struck helpless with gleeful, 24-carat happiness. Veere Di Wedding won’t match this in purity.

That’s Appetite

Right, so she loves pizza. She, moreover, loves to eat pizza in the bath, delicately balancing the box across the tub, splashing about the tepidly warm water as the cheese and toppings do their moreish work. Did the experienced photographer catch her thus, in felicitous medias res? We think not. A tribute to New York-based painter Lee Price, who specialises in the relations between women and food, Padma Lakshmi wields her own brush rather well.

For Deepika

MoMA’s annual Met Gala ball, full of itself for being frequented by the age’s leading beauties, gave out the pea-brained theme: “Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. Priyanka, Hollywood’s fave Indian hurried to comply with a Ralph Lauren velvet dress and a glistening hood. Deepika gave the  theme a damn, chose Prabal Gurung and looked as biblically seductive as any woman. She was trolled for not clinging to the theme. We salute her as such.

This Too Happened

Russell Crowe has got a koala chlamydia treatment ward in Australia named after comedian John Oliver. This after Oliver tried to take the mickey, buying a number of items from Crowe’s ‘divorce auction’ and helping out struggling video stores. Chlamydia impacts a lot of koalas Down Under.

  • Italy, all of a sudden, has overtaken Provence, Switzerland and grand European chateaus as the destination for celebrity Indian weddings. Preparations were afoot at the Villa del Balbianello on the impossibly picturesque Lake Como for the nuptials of Deepika and Ranveer, a duo who looks no less handsome than the fancy environs of their grand day on November 14 and 15. We hope Como lives up to their dreams.
  • Shillong-based Big-Ri (left) is a sharp card, a founder of hip-hop group Khasi Bloodz. Meba Ofilia’s style—note the robust armbands—is also steeped in hip-hop and R&B. The music they make together, like the edgily rusty Ambassador they choose as a prop, takes you unawares. The duo won the Best India Act for Done Talking at the 2018 Europe Music Awards, held in Barakaldo, Spain.
  • It’s curious that Sachin should be made ambassador for UNICEF’s ‘hand washing initiative’ and packed off to roofy Bhutan. But, ever the sportsman, he’s taken it in a batsman’s stride. The beneficiary is Bhutan’s national cricket team, and this lanky, teenaged batter.
  • Haute, they have always bel­ie­ved, is a seven-hued thing, and the cause of the LGBTQ has alw­ays been dear to the fashion fraternity. A parliament of forty designers conjured up the ‘Rain­bow’ show to celebrate the rec­ent junking of Article 377. Red mascara and blue-glittered coi­­ffure caught the eye; so did a message of love across a bare back.


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