OUTLOOK Monday 07 May, 2018
In Their Town

She was the first lady to the 41st president of the US and mother of the 43rd. As such, the fun­eral of the recently dep­arted Barbara Bush was a congregation of former power. Alongside the grieving George H.W. Bush  and George W. Bush were Barack Obama and Bill Clinton with their wives. Not only a ple­asing picture, it also ­presented a Democrat-Republican bipartisanship sorely missing from Washington politics of the day.

Not To Be Missed

First, the foreground: Ranbir Kapoor, flanked by director Rajkumar Hirani and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra, flashes a ‘heart’ at the press at the teaser launch of Sanju, which promises much in terms of flying high-down in the gutters-picking oneself up drama. Now look at the background—the utterly wondrous transformation of Ranbir into the man he impersonates, Sanjay Dutt. Modern make-up has done its bit. Can Ranbir motivate himself to complete the likeness?

Build It On Shoes

He, Anand Ahuja, is the well-educa­ted owner of a multi-brand sneaker company, minting millions. She, Sonam Kapoor, won a national award for Neerja, besides laying claim to being a style icon to readers of Page 3 news. The two are to marry, possibly in May, in Mumbai. You are not invited.

Runaway Wife

Other than cricket captaincy, fast-bowling and organising political marches to Islamabad, Imran Khan is also an expert, and lover, of dogs. But his new wife, Bushra Manek, couldn’t abide by the creatures having a free run of the house and interfering in her ‘religious act­ivities’. Result? A miffed Manek storms out of the palatial bungalow.

Story Hasn’t Meat

There are tycoons who rob at will and then find refuge in the West. Then there is Mallika Sherawat, who, when served not­ice in Paris for not paying rent for a flat she shared with her ‘husb­and’, ran back to India. The act­ress denies the allegati­ons and the existence of all else: flat, husb­and, rent, sou­rces for the story and a lawyer who trashed it. Now it’s back to promoting the goodness of veganism.

This Too Happened

As per a court ruling, singer Madonna has lost the fight to stop 22 personal items from being auctioned. They include a lock of her hair, her underwear and a handwritten letter from late boyfriend Tupac Shakur, which was sourced by TMZ and dated January 15, 1995, a year before Tupac’s murder.

  • A fashion show dedicated to the glorious ‘modern’ possibilities of the saree seemed in danger of design hyperbole, had it not been for the stupendously stunning results obtained when Adidti Rao Hydari and Diana Penty wrapped their nine yards. The rest were a cross between wannabe gowns and strenous echoes of ancient India, one example being this monstrosity in white (above).
  • Swatted aside by rivals Barca in two El Classicos, and kicked out from the Champions League by Ajax, a whimpering Real Madrid—their rhythm hitting  serious notes of  the blues, had to sack manager Santiago Soleri. Enter Zinedine Zidane, the magic man who delivered nine trophies  before resigning last May. Can Zizou do it without Ronaldo? Let’s see.
  • Right. Another line-up of pretty youngsters photographed against another (fancy) brick-wall. The cast of Malang has Kunal Kemmu, Aditya Roy Kapur and the delectable Disha Patani. But who’s the third man here...the young spark grinning away like an ingenue at his first photoshoot? None other than Anil Kapoor, our ’80s Lakhan who lost many kilos, added oodles of mojo and now runs with the hares. Salut!
  • The women of Khatikhera village of Hapur, UP, stared at, then fought off, the age-old stigma atta­ched to menstruation to start a small unit that makes affordable sanitary pads for all. They are the subject of Period. End of Sentence, which won the Oscar for the Best Documentary Short.Producer Melissa Berton (centre left) and director Rayka Zehtabchi celebrate on the stage in LA. They sang and danced all night at Khatikhera too.


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