OUTLOOK Monday 16 April, 2018
Nineteen Till He Dies

When he tweeted on “the kiling of innocents” in ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’, little did Shahid Afridi know that he was stirring a hornet’s nest. Indian cricketers came down with a heavy bat on Afridi—Gautam Gambhir poked fun at his perpetual youth, while Kapil Dev trashed him as a non-entity and Suresh Raina respectfully asked him to back off. And Kohli? A sober iteration of his patriotism did the job rather well.

Snatching Maximum

Three clean lifts, then three lifts double her body weight...there are days when an athlete herself doesn’t know what possessed her to achieve the hitherto unthinkable. At the end of her manic maelstrom, Mirabai Chanu didn’t just win (48kg) gold—India’s first—at the Commonwealh Games. She smashed the Games record to smithereens.

Tough Guys Don’t Shoot Deer

You might laugh at him for his pained, constr­icted onscreen smiles, or his distressing att­empts at emoting, but Salman Khan’s con­­v­­iction in the blackbuck shooting case is not a matter of jest. Salman, who had tried to evade responsibility for for a long time, was given five years. No, he won’t do time for long, but will surely get a long glimpse of the insides of Jodhpur Central Jail.

A Beacon Beckons

With elections approaching, Madhya Pradesh’s ‘babas’ are in for some official recognition. In addition to their (mostly) self-arrogated holy status, such personages as (clockwise from left) Computer Baba, Bhaiyyu Maharaj, Hariharanand Maharaj, Narma­da­nand and Yogendra Mahant have been accorded minister of state status. What will they do? God alone knows.

Just Doing It

Take heart, all ye out-of-shape 47-year-olds. A ‘post work-out mirror selfie’ by none other than Sushmita Sen urges—not in those exact words—slackers and no-hopers to take heart and follow her example. Such rigorous exertion is a ‘work in progress’ physique, she says, and we take her word for it. And we ask those who’re wondering if this is exa­ctly her work-out attire not to quibble over minor matters and  step on to the treadmill!

This Too Happened

Artificial Intelligence experts are to boycott Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea for partnering with a defence manufacturer. They worry it would “accelerate the arms race to develop” automatic weapons on the lines of machines they call “killer robots”.

  • A fashion show dedicated to the glorious ‘modern’ possibilities of the saree seemed in danger of design hyperbole, had it not been for the stupendously stunning results obtained when Adidti Rao Hydari and Diana Penty wrapped their nine yards. The rest were a cross between wannabe gowns and strenous echoes of ancient India, one example being this monstrosity in white (above).
  • Swatted aside by rivals Barca in two El Classicos, and kicked out from the Champions League by Ajax, a whimpering Real Madrid—their rhythm hitting  serious notes of  the blues, had to sack manager Santiago Soleri. Enter Zinedine Zidane, the magic man who delivered nine trophies  before resigning last May. Can Zizou do it without Ronaldo? Let’s see.
  • Right. Another line-up of pretty youngsters photographed against another (fancy) brick-wall. The cast of Malang has Kunal Kemmu, Aditya Roy Kapur and the delectable Disha Patani. But who’s the third man here...the young spark grinning away like an ingenue at his first photoshoot? None other than Anil Kapoor, our ’80s Lakhan who lost many kilos, added oodles of mojo and now runs with the hares. Salut!
  • The women of Khatikhera village of Hapur, UP, stared at, then fought off, the age-old stigma atta­ched to menstruation to start a small unit that makes affordable sanitary pads for all. They are the subject of Period. End of Sentence, which won the Oscar for the Best Documentary Short.Producer Melissa Berton (centre left) and director Rayka Zehtabchi celebrate on the stage in LA. They sang and danced all night at Khatikhera too.


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