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Skipper’s Crew

Bombast, aggro and a pumped up show on the green isn’t just an impr­omptu act impelled by adrenalin. It needs careful preparation and groo­ming. The 11th Premier League, playground of the talented mighty, is upon us, and Virat is up for it. Sides shorn off, the top buffeted up in a tight pompadour...that’s the look!

Spring Collection

They camped on the eye of destination weddings in India, Udaipur, picking up pomp and circumstance on the way. Glamour the bride, actress-diva Shriya Saran, had in plenty, and was matched in cheekiness by the groom, Russian ent­repreneur Andrei Kos­cheev. “Love is a huge word and her love makes me better,” gushed a helpless Andrei.

Make Eyes At Her

When the Telugu film Chirutha didn’t revive her deflated movie career, Neha Sharma promptly turned to photoshoots in glossies; advance notices of which were given to fans through Instagram. Demure was out, decolletage was in and LBDs were flung around like so many hapless suitors.

Striped Overalls? Go To Hell!

Ah...Ek do teen—the jangling freshness of its tinny tune swung at a time when flash was to become flashier, helped along by the raw vim of an ingenue breaking out into stardom. Classics are traduced by Bolly­wood, buoyed by the vain hope that a version can ride on old magic. That’s all malarkey, shouts Saroj Khan, the original choreographer, when she saw Ek do teen from Baaghi 2, as Jacqueline writhed in lantern light.

Look Straight For The Turn

An economy rate of 5.70 in T20s is bowling gold. That wasn’t the only achievement of 18-year-old off-spinner Washington Sundar in the Nidahas Trophy—he forced the most number of batsmen—eight—to take the longest walk. Rattling competitors like Chahal and Axar, Man of the Series Sundar delivered a paean to finger spin. 

Saying She’s Special

Nubian warrior queens lived in antiquity, in the lower Nile and upper Sudan, admired by Pha­raohs in the north. But when Beyonce took that as her theme at a gala, she sought help from Indian designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock. The result was this gorgeous, gold-panelled, sheer bodice and a carefully crumpled solid train. Imagine what the box in which it’s stored would look like!

This Too Happened

Since the Cambridge Analytica debacle hit headlines on Friday, Facebook is said to have lost $50 billion and its stockmarket value fell a steep 10 per cent in four days. The data analytics firm is said to have  targeted close to 50 million Facebook users during the Trump campaign.

  • Chinese audiences’ app­etite for Bollywood drama rages unabated. The latest one to have the Peking boys sta­m­pede into the theatres and Shanghai’s dames squeal in pleasant fright is Sriram Raghavan’s suspense thriller Andha Dhun (marketed also as Piano Player, shades of Truffaut crime caper here) starring Ayushmann and Radhika. Rs 219 crore in two weeks is a handily handsome strike rate. Long live our ‘soft power’.
  • CSK Watch In this glad season for the Chennai Super Kings, ace atta­cking spinner Imran Tahir has been a sight to behold—his tight-fisted, spread-armed sprint after a wicket popular as ever on and off the field. After another easy win, skipper Dhoni dared Tahir’s son for a race. We don’t know who won, but it dissolved into a softly-softly celebration. Can Uncle Cool do it like Dad? We doubt it.
  • A midfield sultan meets a ruling badshah on the sidelines of an amphitheatre. That would be Shahrukh’s London meeting with Arse­nal’s central scimitar, Mesut Ozil. After damning the hypocrisy in German mult­i­­cultur­ism, Ozil is in a smoother space. SRK, who is huge in Turkey,  where Ozil’s roots lie, got a (rather formal) welcome in Hindi too.
  • The Lok Sabha elections draw near, so does the biopic of the country’s prime minister. Perfectly timed its rele­ase might be, but PM Narendra Modi has  earned the ire of lyricist Javed Akhtar—he was wrongly credited for work in a project he wasn’t involved in. Then there’s scepticism about how good a likeness is a shapely Vivek Oberoi for our most prominent politician. Ah, but just go in for the old-­fashioned songs: Ye desh nahin mitne dunga, sings a pat­riotic Modi in the film.


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