OUTLOOK Monday 12 March, 2018
The Smooth And Tumble

First there was Saina; then Sindhu sprang onto the scene in a flash. Indian gym­­nastics, too, has a new star—Aruna Budda Reddy, the first Indian to win a medal at the Gymnastics World Cup. Aruna won bronze in Melbourne in vault, favo­urite discipline of Deepa Karmakar too. A black belt in Karate, Aruna credits her late father, B. Narayana Reddy, with every­thing. Also on her mind is to make the most of her career ­bef­ore she’s 24.

No Colour On The Silt

Even the dauntingly ageless Hema Malini has to back down on her home turf. The Mathura MP was dressing up as Radha for the Holi extr­avaganza, Rangotsav, when the National Green Tribunal wagged its fingers and forced a shift of venue from the Yamuna’s banks to a veterinary university to clean up after the celebration. The Lord and his consorts played Holi without mucking up. Mere mortals, we can’t aspire to that.

Name: Jane Amber

Back in Olde Britain, there were a few women squires who used the tailcoat, top-hat and walking stick to good effect. Jane Walker, Scotch partner to Johnnie Walker, the one who keeps walking, carries on in that spirit. A fun, marketable response from the whisky makers to gender equality.

Smile Along Now

Half the country is rewatching those prodigious winks and that unmatched smile. Priya Prakash Varrier, meanwhile, is basking in it all. Here she is, at a Kerala Blasters vs Chennaiyin FC match in Kochi, with Sachin (and her co-star Roshan; doesn’t the boy pale beside her?).

Love For Sree

One striking thing about the tributes pouring in for Sridevi is how genuinely heartfelt they all are, and not the usual platitudinous declarations of greatness. Along with Kamalahaasan and Rajnikanth, the one huge star who was deeply aff­ected by the untimely death was Amitabh Bachchan, her co-star in Inquilaab, Aakhree Raasta and Khuda Gawah. As she was being flown back on Feb 28, Amitabh tweeted in ang­uish: “Get back..just get love”

The Line Of Beauty

One thing you have to give K calendar. They have the pulse of the times. The days of only glamour are passe. Enter a trained Bharatanat­yam and Kuchipudi dancer, one who has performed widely in India and abroad, studied theatre at the New York Film Academy, and, if she so wills, can make a multitude stop in their tracks. Enter, in short, Priyanka Karunakaran.

This Too Happened

Usain Bolt revealed his plans to take on Robbie Williams—in a football match! Following a teasing weekend tweet (“I’ve signed for a football team!”), he confirmed that he would captain the World XI of celebrities and professional footballers against Williams’s ‘England’ for charity at Old Trafford on June 10.

  • In the next frame, Shahrukh plants a cheeky kiss on Salman’s cheek. SRK released a second teaser for his upc­oming film, the Anand L. Rai-directed Zero, in time for Eid. A jittery little person (Shahrukh) walks tow­ards the stage at a dance competition—but Salman comes and  fortifies him before they bust out some moves.  Groovy. Do we still say groovy?
  • When does a beauty ‘pageant’ turn on its heels and walk off from what defined it?Was it a crisis of confidence, then, in its very DNA that prom­p­ted the Miss America pageant to banish its bikinis and evening gown rounds in favour of “social impact initiatives” of its contestants? Gran­ted, the national institution was aligned to the male gaze, but to abjure ‘looks’ in favour of ‘talent’ will only invite grunts from Trump’s America.
  • Brazilian Marcelo should be proud of running tirelessly across the track for 90 minutes. Spain’s captain Sergio Ramos should be glad his brutal, but cunning, tackle put Moha­med Salah out of action. Together, the two Real Madrid players exhibit the Cha­mpion’s League Trophy in Madrid’s Cibeles Square. In all this, spare a mite of compassion for Liverpool’s goalie, the hapless Loris Karius.
  • “England is a lord-loving country,” lamented a foreigner centuries back, and nothing, it seems, pitches the nation into mass hysteria than a royal wedding. Other than the pomp and circumstance, the public fuss is a thing to beh­old. Though lower in key than his brother’s wedding (for the man might be king), Harry and Meghan had their share of grandeur, and posed with the royal brood for a handsome official photo. Shock­ingly, Priy­anka arrived at the wedding looking like a plain debutante trying too hard to impress. By comparison, look at Amal Clooney (sadly, not in this picture).


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