OUTLOOK Monday 22 January, 2018
Pell Mell Along The White

Having Manali as hometown and a father as an adventure sports profe­ssional are surely adv­antages, but to tra­­nslate that into a medal on the snowy slopes of an fiercely fought international competition is solid achievement. Taking a bow from the rest of snowless India was Aanchal Thakur, who won bronze in slalom at the Alpine Ejder Cup held in Erzurum, Turkey.

A Birthday Present

It’s a taut psychological thriller, called My Birthday Song, and one of the more thrilling elements in it, say those who know with conviction, is Indian-Cana­dian actress Nora Fat­­­­ehi. Is this a girl who would bestow her affections on Sanjay Suri? Nothing is impossible in films.

Hands Ahoy!

Ranveer is a likeable chap (so they say) and Deepika is a golden girl; both are  loath to admit nothing beyond ‘comfort’ in each other’s company. But gossip is audacious, and after ‘confirming’ their courtship and then, recently, their engagement,  tales are being spun (or told, if you’re so inclined) on a holiday with Ranveer’s family in Sri Lanka and expensive gifts for Deepika!

Boy’s Own Look

Ah, you must be thinking, that well-ogled prototype of Teutonic prettiness. But for Giuliana Farfalla (21) to be featured on the cover of German Playboy signifies a quiet victory. The stunning Giuliana is a transgender, is an icon among thousands of followers and, according to Playboy editor Flo­r­ian Boitin, a “beautiful example of how important the fight for the right to self-determination is.”

A Boundary At A Time

When your father is the immaculate ‘Wall’, are you torn between jud­ici­ous strokeplay or hit out to your heart’s content? Samit Dravid, much like his dad Rahul, struck a perfect balance, making a fluent 150 for his school at an Under-14 tournament in Bangalore. Giving him company was Aryan, son of ex-cricketer Sunil Joshi, who made 154.

A Truck With Dough

Whether it’s $106 billion (Bloo­mberg) or $105 billion (Forbes), Jeff Bezos is now the world’s richest man. His top perch is due to Amazon shares skyrocketing after it hogged a crushing 89 per cent share of online revenue in the holiday season. A fun guy, Bezos—on his 2014 trip to India he tried out a truck.

This Too Happened

A tractor-manufacturer of yore, now known for building space-age cars, Lamborghini launched its SUV in India this week after a worldwide launch just last month. Called the Urus, the car is, needless to say, the fastest in the segment, clocking speeds of over 300kmph and can be owned for Rs 3 crore ‘only’.

  • A fashion show dedicated to the glorious ‘modern’ possibilities of the saree seemed in danger of design hyperbole, had it not been for the stupendously stunning results obtained when Adidti Rao Hydari and Diana Penty wrapped their nine yards. The rest were a cross between wannabe gowns and strenous echoes of ancient India, one example being this monstrosity in white (above).
  • Swatted aside by rivals Barca in two El Classicos, and kicked out from the Champions League by Ajax, a whimpering Real Madrid—their rhythm hitting  serious notes of  the blues, had to sack manager Santiago Soleri. Enter Zinedine Zidane, the magic man who delivered nine trophies  before resigning last May. Can Zizou do it without Ronaldo? Let’s see.
  • Right. Another line-up of pretty youngsters photographed against another (fancy) brick-wall. The cast of Malang has Kunal Kemmu, Aditya Roy Kapur and the delectable Disha Patani. But who’s the third man here...the young spark grinning away like an ingenue at his first photoshoot? None other than Anil Kapoor, our ’80s Lakhan who lost many kilos, added oodles of mojo and now runs with the hares. Salut!
  • The women of Khatikhera village of Hapur, UP, stared at, then fought off, the age-old stigma atta­ched to menstruation to start a small unit that makes affordable sanitary pads for all. They are the subject of Period. End of Sentence, which won the Oscar for the Best Documentary Short.Producer Melissa Berton (centre left) and director Rayka Zehtabchi celebrate on the stage in LA. They sang and danced all night at Khatikhera too.


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