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  • 15 January, 2018
Hands-Free Approach

Can this be a sign of retirement? Now that son Rahul has, at long last, taken over the reins of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi took time off in Goa. Not with flashy hangers-on, but just quiet and dignified, atop a cycle.

The Home Leg At Last

A Milanese wedding out of reach of most Indian photo lenses was followed by Finland’s frosty hush for a honeymoon.

But it was at the wedding reception in Mumbai that friends and colleagues had their pound of fun. Harbhajan, Yuvraj and Ashish Nehra ran in faster in the past, but that day their footwork was limited to the nimbleness of bhangra.

Cloaked On The Ringstrasse

The unflappably beauteous Deepika Padukone might have shrugged off the obt­useness on display around Padmavati’s release, but it had to have taken a toll on her. The only way to des­tress was to detox somewhere cold and pleasant, some place steeped in memories of old dec­a­dence. A city like...Vienna, where the ubiquitous Indian fan clicked the wrapped-up diva.

Block Your Dates, Boys

If the big stars let you down; if meaningful, small-budget films do not yield their meaning that readily, then fear not, 2018 will have enough faces for you to be lost in. One of them is Dangal’s Sanya Malhotra, who will appear opp­­osite Ayushmann Khurrana in Badhai Ho as well as in Photographer.

The other, of course, is the sup­remely fit Sara Ali Khan who, they are already whispering, looks smashing in Kedarnath.

This Too Happened

The 81-year-old Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conductor and two-time Grammy winner Charles Dutoit has been accused by six female musicians of sexual assault. Dutoit left his post. He has had stints at other celebrated orchestras; recent allegations of sexual misconduct against him span 15 years.


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