OUTLOOK Monday 27 November, 2017
Yes, That’s The Point

Were Big B, Shahrukh and Kamalahaasan discussing the opening film—Yellow (Iran)—of the Kolkata International film festival? Or was it only banter? With Michael Winterbottom, Kajol, Mah­­­esh Bhatt and Kumar Sanu thrown in, fans had an eyeful before the hall darkened. And in the end, there was Mamata, the best emcee of them all.

Calling ’80s Fashion

Flamboyance on and off the field is fine, but a patchwork peacock style does great discredit to India’s hopeful answer to an all-rounder. Blonde hair, a jacket that’s half shirt and that inexplicable belt! Fans’ astute advice to Hardik Pandya: Don’t go the Kambli way.

As Flowers Bloom

An American folk musician father and a Mumbaikar mother met in Paris in 1970. Their daughter, Radhika Jones, has now climbed to the top of the US magazine world, as successor to Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter. Wit and style, in-d­e­pth repo­rt­age and light brush-stro­kes, fearless comment and the Oscar party, Jones, seen here with Padma Lakshmi, has her work cut out.

The Newest Racquet

Name: Sai Vishnu. Now see his rapt attention as he susses out competitors at the All-India Junior Ranking Badminton Tournament in Chandigarh. When his time came, he swiftly dispatched his opponents, winning the Boys’ Under-17 qualification round. As dad Pullela Gopichand  hones the skills of India’s best, Vishnu, watched over by his grandma,  works  tirelessly at his game.

Come Closer Still

The usual father-son generation gap story, but the drama here is mediated by the ubiquitous cellphone. That’s Rajma Cha­wal, directed by Leena Yadav (Par­ched), with Rishi Kapoor and Anirudh Tanwar (above) playing the clashing duo, with Amyra Dastur (wow, also above) pla­ying peacemaker. You think she can do it?

Courting Glamour

They are two of the fittest women in the country, and they strike terror across nets all over the world. But we couldn’t fault someone for mistaking P.V. Sindhu and Saina Nehwal as Bollywood stars at the Indian Sports Honours  awards function in Mumbai. The gowns  were not so much becoming  as they were exalted by Sindhu and Saina.

This Too Happened

Following on after the revelations from the #MeToo campaign and charges of harassment against Kevin Spacey, comedian Louis C.K. has admitted to sexual misconduct after five women opened up to the New York Times, alleging that CK had exposed himself to them in different incidents.

  • That hatchet-faced gen­ius entrepreneur, Jack Ma of Alibaba, had capitalistically exhorted his workers to follow the ‘996’ spirit (9 am to 9 pm, six days a week in office). As if to make up for this vulgar demand that would serve to fill his coffers, Ma propoun­ded the ‘669’ spirit (sex for six days, six times). The poor workers would possibly have hidden their embarrassment in Alibaba’s cave, but others have slammed Ma’s puerile (and ‘lewd’) pitch.
  • What can you say about the peculiar, almost atavistic hold that images of mothers with babies have on us? Things have not changed from ancient iconography—espe­cially when the subjects are as photogenic as Izhaan—wide-eyed and adorably trusting—and Sania, bursting with motherly pride, her Mona Lisa smile topping it all.
  • It was simply another awards ceremony which gave the rich and glamorous an occasion to parade their bling. But hark, a phalanx of kohl-lined eyes make us stop in our breezy tracks and take stock. Ranged from the left, the begowned ladies are Aditi Rao Hydari, Raveena, Shilpa and Sophie Choudry (who possibly has two phones). How did the selfie come out? An eyeful.
  • There’s no reason, we agree, to gaze again at the lovely faces of Ananya and Tara at another promo for Student of the Year 2. But this one is for that lithe, mean, dancing-fighting machine, Tiger Shroff. The man who can kick aside the whole lot of simpering actors is set to reprise his role (“a larger-than-life, shirtless hero”) in the next instalment of Baaghi.


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