OUTLOOK Monday 30 October, 2017
Don’t Drop Her

As long as there’re movies made in Bollywood, they’ll not tire of the charms of Lucknow. Rajkummar Rao (Newton) and Kriti Kharbanda star in Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, a tale of  love found at a family marriage, then lost cruelly, and ave­nged upon thereafter. The actors were preening about at the launch of the trailer; this scene seems to be from the rosy opening half.

Munch On Her Secret

As always, we start with a note of disbelief: does she look as if she’s on her 69th birthday? You know who. Right, the occasion was used as the launch of a biography of the undimmed Hema Malini. We hope Ram Kumar Mukherjee’s Beyond The Dream Girl spills her best-kept secret. The ever gorgeous Deepika—marvel at her enormous bangles—appeared as the cake-feeder.

We Clap Too

Soon after Harvey Weinstein’s lifelong sexual peccadilloes became wide knowledge, actress Alyssa Milano sparked a veritable tidal wave on Twitter: she started the ‘#Me too’ rage that invited all women to come out and declare their vic­tim­hood. Their sorority has grown to millions since.

Ranbir’s Bandana

With football giving Indians a lucky respite from bat and ball, a team from Bollywood (capt: Abhishek Bachchan) met one made of sportsmen (led by, who else, Virat). Competition was stiff, and shots at the goal came in flurries. In the end, All Hearts FC outran and outplayed All Stars FC. They won 7-3.

For Shame

Jeans, boots and bomber jacket may be de rigueur for other Oxford students, but not for a young Nobel winner who almost gave her life for an ideal. A photo showing Mal­ala Yousafzai in such daring dress made its way to Pak­istan, where conservative, and jealous, hordes decen­ded on her to play their favourite sport: merciless trolling.

Read On

Girls can’t be blamed for not taking to books if the role model exhorting them is in a backless red gown, but such things won’t cloud the ministrations of Rakul Preet Singh, app­ointed for a Beti Padhao role by Telangana. After all, she is the highest paid  actress   in the south!

This Too Happened

Before Kit Harington could choose a costume for a Hallowe’en party, his fiancée (and erstwhile Game of Thrones co-star) Rose Leslie grabbed a Jon Snow costume and whispered, “I won’t love you if you won’t wear it…You should do it.” Kit had no choice but to obey, though he confessed embarrassment afterwards.

  • In the next frame, Shahrukh plants a cheeky kiss on Salman’s cheek. SRK released a second teaser for his upc­oming film, the Anand L. Rai-directed Zero, in time for Eid. A jittery little person (Shahrukh) walks tow­ards the stage at a dance competition—but Salman comes and  fortifies him before they bust out some moves.  Groovy. Do we still say groovy?
  • When does a beauty ‘pageant’ turn on its heels and walk off from what defined it?Was it a crisis of confidence, then, in its very DNA that prom­p­ted the Miss America pageant to banish its bikinis and evening gown rounds in favour of “social impact initiatives” of its contestants? Gran­ted, the national institution was aligned to the male gaze, but to abjure ‘looks’ in favour of ‘talent’ will only invite grunts from Trump’s America.
  • Brazilian Marcelo should be proud of running tirelessly across the track for 90 minutes. Spain’s captain Sergio Ramos should be glad his brutal, but cunning, tackle put Moha­med Salah out of action. Together, the two Real Madrid players exhibit the Cha­mpion’s League Trophy in Madrid’s Cibeles Square. In all this, spare a mite of compassion for Liverpool’s goalie, the hapless Loris Karius.
  • “England is a lord-loving country,” lamented a foreigner centuries back, and nothing, it seems, pitches the nation into mass hysteria than a royal wedding. Other than the pomp and circumstance, the public fuss is a thing to beh­old. Though lower in key than his brother’s wedding (for the man might be king), Harry and Meghan had their share of grandeur, and posed with the royal brood for a handsome official photo. Shock­ingly, Priy­anka arrived at the wedding looking like a plain debutante trying too hard to impress. By comparison, look at Amal Clooney (sadly, not in this picture).


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