OUTLOOK Monday 16 October, 2017
Men America Miss Most

Even when they were scribbling away at the Oval Office, they had, along with global hotspots, an eye on fitness: hard biking (Bush), basketball (Obama) and golf (Cli­n­ton). The trio met in bonhomie, where jokes sizzled and smiles flashed, at the Pre­sident’s Cup golf tournament in Jersey City. The one man absent: Donald Trump. Thank God.

Look Into The Screen

Her passion is helping underprivileged kids through her NGO, but the 41-year-old from Jharkhand didn’t have the means to do much. But with a bonanza at Kaun Ban­­ega Cro­­repati, Ana­mika Maz­­­­u­­mdar can now change many lives.

Front To Camera

Now that she has shown off her baby boy to the best advantage at all possible forums, Kareena Kapoor finally has time for her ‘comeback film’. The shoot for Veere Di Wedding  started in Delhi over a weekend, with Kareena teaming up with Sumeet Vyas in an emotional scene.Since she’s shorn of the usual glamour make-up, do we take it to be a movie with substance? Hard to tell.

His Last Over Is A Maiden

All those who grew up watching cricket in the ’90s are scarred by the inevitable slaughter in the slog overs bowled by Pra­b­hakar and Srinath, Prasad and Agarkar. So, Bhuvneshwar’s appearance (and Bumrah’s) seems to be a miracle. We congratulate Bhuvi on his recent, pretty date, Nupur Nagar.

Blowing At Pujo

If you’re thinking Rani could just walk in into a  movie, know this: Durga Puja furnishes eno­ugh beauties to fill up two Bol­l­y­woods. But at the North Bom­­-bay Sarbojonin puja, known for its starry footfall, Rani met up with Ranbir, loo­k­ing han­dsome as the devil in a peach-coloured kurta. But then, Rani will be back, in a movie called Hichki!

Unlike A Queen

We thought the sordid episode featuring Hrithik and Kangana, with competing accusations of  explicit overtures and chauvinist harrassment, had been quietly buried. But no, Kangana’s sister has fired a new broadside, opening the suppurating wounds.  Bollywood is ugly, some say. Even feathery sequins can’t hide the horror.

This Too Happened

Taylor Swift is one sneaky celeb! She loves surprising fans with unusual gifts. In a recent video, a truck was fitted with her Reputation album cover art. In the fun video, it’s the unfamiliar ditty that has Swifties buzzing. Then, a fan slowed it down, and it sounds like Tay Tay singing: “Rip Off The Page”!

  • Whether the world premiere of Gully Boy at the Berlin Film Festival reiterates Bollywood’s hold more than it indicates the Berlinale’s decline is another matter, but the irrepressible Ranveer was in character as his goofy rapper: shockingly meretricious tuxedo, blown-up hair, machine-gunning away to everyone’s delight. Beside him Alia was a soothing balancing act, her silkily trailing train a rival to that of a British princess on her wedding day.
  • Anil Kapoor almost did the Ram Lakhan tapori jig when Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscars—but a lashing from dear wife the night before held back his legs. What stopped him from doing one at the #Slum-dogTenYears event, we don’t know. Perhaps the sobering presence of Gulzar saab and Rahman. Anyway, Jai Ho!
  • Healed is a word we want to hear from anyone with cancer. And Manisha Koirala, 48, has healed. And Healed is what she wrote. She sealed, and signed, it with her melt-the-mountain smile at the JLF.
  • Ah, Total Dhamaal could be a rerun: plane crashes, tumbling, burning cars, rampaging lions...but a fickle public isn’t ready still  for a ’90s renaissance. Even a dream cast of Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, Johnny Lever (who didn’t laugh at his manic faces?) and the utt­erly unspoilt Madhuri couldn’t make them like the trailer. Strange, innit?


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