OUTLOOK Monday 09 October, 2017
Oh! Pretty Women

Now this is a reunion we have been waiting for. The ’90s was when supermodels became superwomen, and grew ever larger before our goggled eyes. A tribute to Versace brought a throwback: Carla Bruni, Claudia, Naomi, Cindy and Helena, reprising a golden age in glittering silver. And our times? Fancy Kendall Jenner? Really?

Just Dragging On

It’s late, and the two club-hopping friends just needed a smoke break. But, even in the Big Apple, a furtive lensman was keeping watch on the casual Ranbir and gorgeously gowned Mahira Khan. The usual social media baloney ens­ued. Next time, guys, just take a break in Tallinn.

And Your Purses?

Priyanka and Sofia Vergara, dressed in gold and less, have reasons to link arms and say che­ese. They are in a top-10 list of the highest paid actresses on US telly. For sceptics who only grudgingly accepted her crossover, glamour int­­act, hear this: she grabbed $10 million this year. 

Need The Glove, Sach?

With senior players, on every field that is, seizing the broom and sweeping with gusto, Sachin had to  grab hold of poor Arjun, some brooms and head off to Bandra. Some ‘anti-litter’ talk before the cameras, a few poses, and he had earned his accolade.

Selfie Hands

With that loping run-up, perfect yorkers, the ine­v­itable clutch of wic­kets and the highest ODI tally, what more is left for Jhu­lan Goswami to ask from goddess Durga? At a mar­que pujo in Calcutta, Jhu­lan sum­moned up her girlhood, about how, inst­ead of coveting a few new dresses, like her friends, all she wanted was bowling spikes. That’s why she’s a champion. 

More Flowers Please

A 1950s-’60s aesthetic? Movies like Girls! Girls! Girls! and South Pacific? We don’t know yet, but Taapsee Pannu in Judwaa 2 might have been subject to a splash of vintage swimwear for a reason. Mean­while, Taapsee is worried if this would go well with her ‘image’. Can anyone please put her mind to rest?

This Too Happened

The Kardashian family won’t stop getting bigger! After reports of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy, it’s
confirmed that it is Khloe Kardashian who is expecting a child with Tristan Thompson. The 33-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and the 26-year-old basketball player began dating a year ago.

  • Whether the world premiere of Gully Boy at the Berlin Film Festival reiterates Bollywood’s hold more than it indicates the Berlinale’s decline is another matter, but the irrepressible Ranveer was in character as his goofy rapper: shockingly meretricious tuxedo, blown-up hair, machine-gunning away to everyone’s delight. Beside him Alia was a soothing balancing act, her silkily trailing train a rival to that of a British princess on her wedding day.
  • Anil Kapoor almost did the Ram Lakhan tapori jig when Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscars—but a lashing from dear wife the night before held back his legs. What stopped him from doing one at the #Slum-dogTenYears event, we don’t know. Perhaps the sobering presence of Gulzar saab and Rahman. Anyway, Jai Ho!
  • Healed is a word we want to hear from anyone with cancer. And Manisha Koirala, 48, has healed. And Healed is what she wrote. She sealed, and signed, it with her melt-the-mountain smile at the JLF.
  • Ah, Total Dhamaal could be a rerun: plane crashes, tumbling, burning cars, rampaging lions...but a fickle public isn’t ready still  for a ’90s renaissance. Even a dream cast of Ajay Devgan, Anil Kapoor, Johnny Lever (who didn’t laugh at his manic faces?) and the utt­erly unspoilt Madhuri couldn’t make them like the trailer. Strange, innit?


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