OUTLOOK Monday 25 September, 2017
Girlie Long Legs

There must be someone perceptive to hunt down and measure lon­gest, or largest, things, but how they zeroed in on Russian Ekaterina Lis­ina is not known. Standing at 6 ft 9inches, she now has set a record of having the world’s “longest legs”. The Beijing Olympics basketball bronze medallist’s lower limbs are over 132 cm (52 in) long. What a lope!

New Check

This is a shock poor Leander Paes could have done without. A court petition for compensation by estranged wife Rhea Pillai was said to be a hefty Rs 10 lakh. No, says Rhea’s lawyers. They missed a zero. The correct cough-up is Rs 1 crore.

With ‘The Kid’

Good to see that Carlos Valderrama still tends to his bleached blond mass. A Colombian great who entertained us in three World Cups (1990-98), the quicksilver mid-fielder recently visited the country’s oldest football club, Mohun Bagan. His takeaway? The No. 10 shirt.

The Ramp Is For Freedom

They might not have the practised gait of top models, nor their cared-for visages, but they made up for it in grace. Besides, many designed the clothes themselves. All of them inmates of Tihar’s Jail No. 6 and graduates of the Tihar Fashion Laboratory, these women have reached beyond their scarred past and made a pitch for a possible career. Hope is made of this.

Pay Up If You See Him

The selfie was amazing; the tech savvy monkey a global photo-star. But lensman David Slater, whose camera was borrowed, agreed to donate 25 per cent of proceeds for protecting crested macaques in Indonesia when animal rights group Peta sued for a share on behalf of the monkey. Slater has now cruelly filed a counter-suit. We hope he loses.


Digital shows are all the rage, and Ragini MMS Returns has plunged into the web for greater returns. Whetting app­etites is a cavorting Karishma Sharma, in the coolest shades Sunny Leone never wore and pink socks that will trigger a buying spree on the net. Here’s offering you a teaser: the web teaser shrieks most awfully!

This Too Happened

Here she is…Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund, 23, beat 50 contestants to become Miss America 2017.  After gowns, bathing suits and two rounds of questions, Cara was IT! Cara’s the first Miss North Dakota to win the crown. The Brown University student, who majors in Business, wants to become a lawyer next.

  • Only gali boys with millionaire benefactors can afford to  dress so tastelessly in expensive jackets and sportswear. But when has Bollywood let verisimilitude stand in its  strident ways? Thus, Ranveer at the trailer launch of Gully Boy, about a rapper’s breakthrough, with co-star Alia, who does better. 
  • They don’t have the ceremonial heft of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, though Malaysia’s Muhammad V and his Russian lover Oksana Voevodina certainly are better looking by a million miles. The cases are simply similar: Muhammad, in his second year of a five-year term, reportedly gave up his throne to marry his sweetheart. But who wouldn’t trade that unwieldy diadem for those gorgeous brown ringlets?
  • Right. A caricatured, age-old trope   from Bollywood: The figure of the garishly done up ‘rowdy Romeo’ (those ani­malistic jackets, that high heel, the wolf whistle) wooing the shyly wanton trollop, finger on chin, hips commencing to swing away to a rising shriek of music. Ranveer and Sara Ali Khan  are only play-acting for a promo for Simmba, but if this depresses you, close your eyes and think of Grace Kelly.
  • The successive stages of the making of Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika has been greedily recounted, so the release of the trailer came on its downward crest. But it’s not only Kangana’s proud Laxmibai with her bevy of attendants, there are Tatya Tope and Bajirao II to contend with too.


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