OUTLOOK Monday 04 September, 2017
Singing Is Life

When Aryana Saeed, Afghanistan’s popstar feminist icon decided on a concert at Kabul’s Ghazi Stadium on August 19, the eve of I-Day, it had a message—the Taliban executed ‘errant’ women here during their hated rule. As word spread and 30,000 tickets vanished, frightened authorities cancelled the event. Aryana wasn’t cowed, her fangirls in Kabul weren’t disappointed. She performed elsewhere.

Crown Built To Last

Bollywood/Tollywood offers dried up a while back, but rumours of hook-ups continued in a long  line—Ashmit Patel, Rahul Vaidya, Sree Santh.... Now, Riya Sen has married long-time boyfriend Shivam Tiwari in a private ceremony in Pune. Mom Moon Moon and sister Raima were at hand.

The Podium Is Ours

This has to be our best-kept sporting secret—the 321-medal haul of our paramilitary and police athletes at the World Police and Fire Games in LA. The Gold tally alone came to 151! Richa Mishra (CRPF) and Man­dar Anand Rao (BSF), both swimmers, scooped up ten. We should quickly rebuild our Olympic team!

Tricolour Tops All

The India Parade in New York has been a grand affair for 37 years—mar­­c­­hes, songs, blaring bands.... The latest edi­­tion, which wound around sunny Man­h­a­­t­tan, had Baahu­bali stars Rana Daggubati and Tamannah as the main attraction.

Spinning Yarns

So it has come to this—actr­esses visiting Sabarmati Ash­ram, solemnly posing with a charkha, to promote their film! Thus, Huma Qur­eshi, for the makers of Par­tition: 1947 (Gurinder Cha­­dha’s Viceroy’s House dubbed in Hindi), in which she stars.

She Can Fit In

She self-confessedly has a knack for things ‘moody and brooding’. So, instead of mop­ing about her need to be in Game of Thrones, the ind­ustrious Katrina Kaif stakes a claim for a role in the series through this carefully toned attitude in a cut-out dress.

This Too Happened

She’s recording a new album and is a mother of twins, but Mariah Carey is still with a lot of vim. The iconic singer lost her top and added some bling—look her up in fishnet tights, sheer black gloves, a decorative body chain and plenty of hair for her cover for Paper magazine, out this month!

  • That hatchet-faced gen­ius entrepreneur, Jack Ma of Alibaba, had capitalistically exhorted his workers to follow the ‘996’ spirit (9 am to 9 pm, six days a week in office). As if to make up for this vulgar demand that would serve to fill his coffers, Ma propoun­ded the ‘669’ spirit (sex for six days, six times). The poor workers would possibly have hidden their embarrassment in Alibaba’s cave, but others have slammed Ma’s puerile (and ‘lewd’) pitch.
  • What can you say about the peculiar, almost atavistic hold that images of mothers with babies have on us? Things have not changed from ancient iconography—espe­cially when the subjects are as photogenic as Izhaan—wide-eyed and adorably trusting—and Sania, bursting with motherly pride, her Mona Lisa smile topping it all.
  • It was simply another awards ceremony which gave the rich and glamorous an occasion to parade their bling. But hark, a phalanx of kohl-lined eyes make us stop in our breezy tracks and take stock. Ranged from the left, the begowned ladies are Aditi Rao Hydari, Raveena, Shilpa and Sophie Choudry (who possibly has two phones). How did the selfie come out? An eyeful.
  • There’s no reason, we agree, to gaze again at the lovely faces of Ananya and Tara at another promo for Student of the Year 2. But this one is for that lithe, mean, dancing-fighting machine, Tiger Shroff. The man who can kick aside the whole lot of simpering actors is set to reprise his role (“a larger-than-life, shirtless hero”) in the next instalment of Baaghi.


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