OUTLOOK Monday 28 August, 2017
Sitting In State

Malaysia still has sult­ans, did you know, and they remain mighty rich too. The  elegan­tly dressed, exp­e­ns­ive-looking cou­­ple are Princess Tunku Tun Aminah, daughter of the Sultan of Johor and her Dutch football executive beau, Dennis. The occasion was their royal wedding, solemnised acc­ording to Muslim Malay tradition and opulent family custom.

Dance That Crossed The Seas

Avanti Reddy, 4, was one among similarly att­ired Lambadi dancers, but she, the youngest, was irr­esistible. Princess Diana, who was visiting her Hydera­bad school on a tour in 1992, picked her up and sat her on her lap, wiped her runniness with her hanky, and called her “my daughter”. Lady Di never forgot, kept in touch and made plans to meet in 1997, but fate intervened.

Now a 28-year-old dance teacher (top), that morning remains as fresh in Avanti’s memory as yesterday. Her recently shared photo created waves on social media.

One Proud Grandpa

Gowns from across tinseltown descended in droves, flutters and waves upon a beauty event. The ladies, they say, took their cue from the very name of the event. Be that as it may, this grand-daughter of Big B, Navya Nav­eli, is very pleasing, we think, and currently the best-looker in the family. Ah, enchanting youth....

Miss Him No More

The grace and humility with which  San­jay Dutt has borne his years of incarceration is one of filmdom’s warmest tales, and his comeback in Bhoomi was cheered by all. Ranbir spoke of the man whom everyone has come to love. He got a hug in return.

A Posed Laugh Is Good Too

Now that Baadshaho is outta her way, posing in articles  from her lingerie line and posting them on Instagram is Esha Gupta’s only pursuit. In between, a health tip: pomegranates are good for skin (are they, now?).

This Too Happened

When Daniel Craig joined Stephen Colbert for the Late Show, we hoped he might talk about returning as James Bond, but we never dreamed he’d confirm the news! Earlier, the studio was apprehensive on signing Craig when he wanted the biggest payday ever for two more films. Looks like Daniel got his pay!

  • When we were little in the ’80s and Anup Jalota was a star, we still saw him as a podgy fel­low with a mellow voice. Now that he has Jasleen Math­aru as companion in Bigg Boss 12, how many are stumped? Jasleen is a singer, Jalota’s ‘disciple’ and...but then surely we’re not as crass as to jealously repeat the crude trolls? Believers in peace, we’d say: very well done, Anup.
  • Acid attack survivors remind us of the primitive core within our cellphone-toting society. So, when five such women, half their faces veiled for a confident gait, walked at Agnimitra Paul’s show in Calcutta as show-stoppers, everyone clapped in heartfelt sympathy. The clothes, sadly, would hardly stop anyone in their tracks.
  • Rehabilitation after the dreadful floods is ano­ther matter, but there was no dearth of notable people making full-throated appeals for funds for Kerala. On tour in the US, A.R. Rahman act­ually dipped into his pockets, and came up with Rs 1 crore. And they cheered for him in Washington when he showed it.   
  • A bounteous twirl of silk made many a fashionista’s day at the Lakme Fashion Week. That would be Sushmita’s flamboyant ‘pantsari’. Yes, nothing sari about it, except a pleated  pallu hanging apologetically. Elsewhere, Hema Malini and daughter Esha par­aded  gorgeous Assamese silk saris. Later, at a backstage media interaction, mother and daughter were only interested in the latter’s film Cakewalk. Chided  for misusing the platform, they stormed off in anger. What happened to the saris, though?


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