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  • 07 August, 2017
Yes, He’s That Old

Donald Trump obviously has a thing for sup­er­models—before Melania there was Ivana (who served a long sentence, from 1977-92). Here’s Mallika Sherawat, a collector of selfies with famous Ame­­r­­ic­­ans, schm­oozing with Ivana.

Only Deep Draws

You’d have thought that those horrible dances in Telugu films came from faulty aesthetics. Now, it seems the place is awash with drugs, with many stars suspected to be suppliers! Among those under the scanner is the comely Cha­rmi, whose name the SIT allegedly found in a smuggler’s phone.

Let Chitra Run

Her parents are daily wagers, and she has had to work out of her skin to make it big in athletics, winning the 1,500 metres at the Asian Athle­tics meet this month. Yet, Chitra P.U. was denied a berth at the Lon­don World Champions­hips, leaving the 22-year-old from Kerala heartbroken. The Athletics Federation’s reason? Performance not up to scratch. That’s as opaque as can be.

Eye On The Future

Silver-smeared tennis shoes and a stockinged tennis shorts made an inspiring appearance at Sania Mirza’s tennis academy near Hyderabad. Along with actress Neha Dhupia and WTA officials, the six-time Grand Slam winner played along with 30 local junior players from the Freedom Again Foundation. Say, isn’t she looking fit!

She Says She Doesn’t Smoke

The sun carved shadows on Kendall Jenner’s  prone form, laid on cold stone, under a chandeliered bough, much like how a supermodel, her eyes drowsy with lazy wonderment, would like to be cast on Instagram. But those fingers seem to nestle a cigarette and that’s spoilt it for many. But doesn’t it intensify the thrum of a hot afternoon?

Solving The Completeness Theorem

Since the moment Sunny has set foot in India, she has been hounded for her former profession, but has handled the leering morons with consummate dignity. Now, she and husband Daniel Weber have adopted a baby girl, Nisha, from Latur. Theirs will be a happy family.

This Too Happened

Mac Miller speaks for us when he says that oversharing, especially during Game Of Thrones, is a bad move. Miller had his experience ruined thanks to bloggers who gave away spoilers within seconds after it aired. “You gotta stop live tweeting Game Of Thrones. It’s just not morally responsible,” tweeted Miller.


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