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  • 15 May, 2017
The Brightest Firefly

Thiruvananthapuram slang posed a challenge, but it was overcome with aplomb by Surabhi Lakshmi in Min­­naminungu, for which she won the National Award for Best Act­­ress. Significantly, she was the first Malayali actress to win it after Meera Jasmine for Padam Onnu Oru Vilapam (2003).

The Way They Move

Whether participants at an event called ‘Transform India’ should raise their arms in a salute eerily reminiscent of the National Soc­­­ialist one is another matter, but Ratan Tata—in glaring contrast to Akshay and Devendra Fadnavis—looks distinctly uncomfortable. Very possibly, Mr Tata has a sense of history.

Old Man Raj

Kriti Sanon and Sushant may get all the nautches in Raabta, but the point of interest invo­lves the talented Rajkummar Rao. That’s the crinkled, wrinkled, tattooed and pierced old man (324 years old, reputedly) gazing at the clouds. After ext­­­ensive tests and five-six hours of make-up, Raj­­ku­­mmar, we suppose, just had to breathe to act!

The Freest Spirits

Solemnity, laced with goofy wit, earned Shahrukh new fans at the Ted conference in Vanc­ou­ver, but what’s there in the lungi dance that brings the house down so consistently? We think it’s a sense of unrestrained joy that the campy jacket-lungi outfit produces.

That Old Diva Shine

With uncloying sweetness and bouncy vitality, Asha Parekh romped through Bollywood as leading lady. Her biogr­a­phy, The Hit Girl, was respectfully relea­sed by Sha­tr­­ughan, Aamir and co-writer Khalid Mohamed.

Toned In Testino

If there ever were a turban competition, this would be a top contender. And there is a reason why this archly confident look, loosely draped in spotless white, is a favourite of Katrina’s: it ispart of Mario Testino’s famous ‘towel series’.

This Too Happened

BadGalRiri reigns supreme. The Metropolitan Museum of Art had a theme for its Met Gala 2017—Rei Kawakubo—and Rihanna stole the show in her 3D, multi-patterned floral number (you can’t just call it a dress). If there’s anything to know about the night’s theme, Japanese designer and visionary Rei Kawakubo isn’t afraid of out-of-box silhouettes. Her runway shows are but enormous, sculptural pieces—she’s a boundary pusher, which is why Riri’s get-up won the night.


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