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  • 17 April, 2017
In Reflection

Whether at Benaras, Haridwar or Rishikesh, every celeb digs the pretty, photogenic poignancy of the evening Ganga aarti. Deepika’s choice of homage was at Rishikesh, to where she repaired with mom Ujjala (in white) for rest and recuperation. Jai ho!

Look Ahead

Ali Fazal, this spry young actor, is a busy man! For, after  completing a film with the inimitable Judi Dench, he’s descending on Hollywood, for a mus­­­i­cal inspired by Bolly­wood. His shimmying co-stars include the cute Paris Jackson  (hope MJ’s genes help) and Richa Chadha (who seems to be freezing in the LA  chill).

Mum, As Ever

Beneath Aish­wa­rya’s dazzling looks and come-hither Bollywood moves, you’d have noticed a touch of ster­nness. Then, one saw a growing, traditional motherliness take hold of her once Aaradhya was born and entered girlhood. Here the glitter of her white sari endearingly contrasts with her daughter’s scarlet skirt. 

Medicine For Tummy Upset

The greasily named Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Ladddoo Dee­wana, starring Akshara Haasan (middle) as a pregnant bride, got into a jam with the Right’s moral police. But demanding cuts in the name of ‘Hindu culture’ didn’t work. They were resoundingly told off by the producers.

Swing Over The Wall

Cristiano Ronaldo’s enterprises on the field, and off it—in business and beauties—are a matter of leg­­end. This easy recline on a Le Cor­b­­usier chair for a ‘to be ann­­ou­­n­­ced’ project left many fans screwing up their eyes for more. Oh, the tease!

Know Her Not

When you are as handsome as the Devil’s own, like Hrithik Roshan is, all sorts of girls claim close friendship, even mentorship, as does this dreamy little minx called Angela Krislinzki. Hrithik, ever the gentleman, pooh poohed her fond claims.

This Too Happened

Pamela Anderson is not looking quite herself these days. We are suspecting a ‘make-under’ this time. New pictures of the former Baywatch star make her look pretty unrecognisable—a rather new, fresh-faced Anderson. Experts attribute it to a little work—Botox to the forehead and eyes, and filler to the cheekbones and vanishing smile lines. No, not surgery; in fact, it is quite a subtle look for Pam, who seems to have shed years and looks a lot younger.


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