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  • 21 November, 2016
Feathers On Her Crown

The Bachchan family runs on the Big B’s steam. The fairy atm­osphere at a Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla show was not­able not for Shweta Nanda being the  sho­­­­­­w­­stopper, or for Abhishek or Jaya’s presence, but for that man with the camera. 

Princesses Of Orange

The Guinness  world records is a challenge-monger’s del­ight. So, when Kalki, Jacqueline and Sakshi turned up to take aim at the record for most women holding an abdominal plank, most people who like to egg sporty types on chee­red. The International Day of the Girl Child couldn’t be better spent.

Don’t Follow Them

If you were in any doubt about the status of Virat and Anushka’s relationship, this photo should lay it at rest. But wasn’t the cosy date in Rajkot on November 5—Virat’s birthday—hemmed in from all sides by glaring securitymen, a protective police team and harassed but never-say-die lensmen? Could they concentrate on the grub, or take off their shades for a meaningful look? Hard to say, but we hope the sockless Indian captain scores with gusto in the Test ser­ies versus England.

In Her Bag

This is Meghan Mar­kle, 35, an American actress, who des­pite being accustomed to the unwavering eye of the media is taken aback at the “wave of abuse”—sexist, racist, invasive bullets— dir­ected at her from the  smut-scrawled entertainment pages of the British press. You ask why? Because the sharply dressed Ms Markle is the girlfriend of Prince Harry. A sportsman’s choice, we are tempted to say.

This Too Happened

Now Don’t Move: If you’ve had your screen freeze while playing a video on Instagram, don’t rush to blame the phone—it possibly is the #mannequinchallenge. It’s all the rage now. It started with students posing stock-still in  school. Actor Kevin Hart completed it too, caught in the middle of a back squat with a barbell on his shoulders. Much ado!


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