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  • 24 October, 2016
Divine Assistance

Rani Mukherjee seems to have become a rarely sighted hausfrau, but come the Pujas, few would resist the call of Ma Durga. So out came the pink sari, with the act­ress not flinching from bhog duty at a Mumbai puja.

Without A Care

You might ask if Vaani Kapoor was entirely comfortable in this eye-catching attire, but then, with the upcoming Befikre, she is flying high. Also starring Ran­veer Singh, the film was largely shot in Paris, with generous dollops of the Eiffel. How regressive!

View From Earth

Ecotourism and environmental awareness are in, and so are the  participants in the yearly game of rounders that is Miss Earth. The 84 contestants were asked to parade themselves in the Phili­ppines, and will pre­­sently be fanning out across the country.

In A Rain Shower

One doesn’t hear about Mad­ame Tussaud’s embracing new techniques, but with Justin Bieber’s new, wet-look figure, they might have done just that. It’s a tribute to the waxmakers that one wonders if the swooners were wax as well.

This Too Happened

Jen Next: When asked about the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce, Justin Theroux, whose wife Jennifer Aniston was once married to Pitt, gave the perfect reply. He said it was terrible news for the six Brangelina kids. Aniston had explained off the couple’s divorce as karma. Back in 2004, Pitt had left Aniston for co-star Jolie after filming Mr & Mrs Smith.


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