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  • 15 August, 2016
Rope Trick

Grim-faced Jaydeep Jadhav, mountaineer first, then groom, had his way. His wedding at Vishalgad in Kolha­pur, requiring a healthy suspension of dis­­b­elief, inv­olved Jaideep and his bemused bride Reshma being hung, like pupp­ets, from nylon-­fibre ropes.

Irony, In Which Bollywood Lies

“These days everyone’s pouting,” says a friend, espying Jac­queline Fernandez posing with Varun Dhawan and John Abraham for a selfie during a promotion of their film Dhi­s­­h­­oom. That’s the sound the all-male crowd would most relate to.  

Another Kim, Another Wedding

Arun Nayar invaded our pages when he was married to Liz Hurley. Now, it’s time again for the playboy to shine after his marriage with girlfriend Kim Johnson in the French Riviera. Here, the two strike a cosy, showy pose at a party in London.

Batsman From The Past

With sledgehammer batting assaulting the senses, deluging it with new records and hitt­ing feats, even greats from the recent past are being forgotten. Mark Taylor, a traditionalist, once gave up a record, unwilling to go past The Don. He poses with his wife Susan in front of a Taj being touched up.

Jantee’s Just Good

The Indian modelling world, and Bolly­wood, do have a narrow prototype for beauty. That it it tries to break it is not surprising. We present the exq­u­isite Jantee Haz­­­arika, an asp­­­i­­ring top model. QED.

This Too Happened

Race With A Pocket Guide: Meanwhile, Harry Potter fans are being trolled by the American Constitution, which is rivalling the new addition to the book franchise in the bestseller stakes. This after Khizr Khan offered his pocket-friendly version to Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.


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