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  • 25 July, 2016
Another Princeling, Another Durbar

In Jaipur Palace was held the circuitous, ritual-heavy (‘col­­o­­ur­ful’) coming-of-age celebrations of the titular maharaja, Pad­manabh Singh, a keen polo player and a student in England.

Kicking Off

Many would have dismissed the thing called Premier Futsal out of hand hadn’t it been for the presence of football legend Figo in the ads. Similarly, the Lea­gue’s anthem, being
recorded here by Kohli, might get a listen in—it was composed by A.R. Rahman. Exp­­e­­cte­­dly, he was wowed by Virat.

Crowned By Plumes

On a stopover at Astana, N. Chandrababu Naidu’s eyes popped at the sight of futuristic skyscr­apers. The Kazakh beauties who welcomed him surely didn’t lessen the charm.

Legends, Unite In Matrimony

With news of Imran Khan’s marriage No. 3 filtering in, we look at Pele’s holy matrimony III with Japanese-origin entrepreneur Marcia Cibele Aoki, 50. We wish soccer’s king, 75, happiness.

Horns of a Civilisation

This reminds you of Liz Taylor in all her splendour in Cleopatra, doesn’t it? Well, far to the east, on the Indus, queens were apparently donning the same gear. This is  Pooja Hegde in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s adventure-romance, Mohenjo Daro.

This Too Happened

Mix ’N Match: Universal studios is set to reva  mp their classic horror heroes, one of the important ones being Frankenstein, and Spanish actor Javier Bardem is said to have been penciled in for the part of Victor, but with    a twist. Rumours also have it that Mark Shelley’s character is likely to feature in Tom Cruise’s The Mummy. 


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