January 26, 2020


  • Monday
  • 13 June, 2016
Time To Build Blocks

We knew what Sonia Gandhi said in her constituency, Rae Bareli, a tirade against ‘shahenshah’ PM Modi. This is what she was there for—amidst pujas and shlokas, a dedication of a newly contsructed building. Did she pray for the party too?

Pencil Makes The Point

The launch of Rana Ayyub’s book on the Gujarat riots was a success (see Biblio). It gained extra piquancy with her charge that Tehelka magazine spiked her Gujarat stories citing political pressure. The charges were promply refuted.

Hot Pedalling

We thought Bhajji and Geeta Basra’s rickshaw was the last in the genre we’d publish. But along came newlyweds Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu, the latter ecstatic at the ride, the former glumly pedalling along, on the Kapil Sharma Show.

Two Lords

With his upturned collar, long sideburns and swashbuckling ways, Farokh Engineer was the cricketer everyone swooned after. The dependable ‘Colonel’, of course, had other charms. The two met on the a 90th birthday bash for Queen Elizabeth in Mumbai.

Dad’s Gal

Dad...Hold My Hand. Now, who would not fall for Rupali Suri in said film? The audience at Cinema Indien in Stockholm fell hard, and nothing would do but a repeat screening.

This Too Happened

This Donna Is Prima: The singer-songwriter Mariah Carey is famous for demanding that only her ‘good side’ be photographed, in fact she makes sure of it. But at the 27th GLAAD Media Awards, she held things up for about an hour-and-a-half so she could have the red carpet all to herself, demanding that it must be clear of all other celebrities!


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