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  • 16 November, 2015
Liked What They Saw

This is about another time cheek-by-jowl with this one; about our time putting its best-shod foot forward. At a Mumbai film festival Adoor Gopalakrishnan, M.S. Sathyu and Kokilaben Ambani flanked a splendidly gowned Kangana Ranaut riding a crest of well-being, acc­laim and wea­lth. That, and the collared, shimmering sweep, merited close inspection.

Don’t Crumple It

Tamannah, who played an ‘angel’ in a song in the monster hit Baahubali, took her role in a wrong way. Her gown at the IIFA awards in Hyderabad, or rather the opacity of its skirt, was the result

When He’s 84

It’s an ‘item’ worthy of the late News of the World. This is Jerry Hall, supermodel and famous wife, and Rupert Murdoch, moghul. Their clinch at the Rugby WC final in London definitely proves that love is ageless.

For All The Bosses

In the cavernous depths of an establishment called Bigg Boss house, a dishy entrant called  Sana Khan (I trust you to follow the arrow) makes a deligh­ted re-entry, spouting bar­ely intelligible lines about the wonder of the contest and...Salman Khan. Predictably, she is an actress, to be seen in a sequel of Tom, Dick and Harry. (We don’t know who she chose.) 


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