July 12, 2020


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  • 21 September, 2015
Camera at the Top

Hundreds of faces swivelled towards the podium, where the rich and famous were expected to put in an appearance. The multitude at the dahi handi at Janmashtami in Thane weren't disappointed—Suneil Shetty came into view, taking a selfie with daughter Athiya and her co-actor in Hero, Sooraj Pancholi.

Notes From First Citizen

When ‘Mukherjee sir' took classes at a government sch­ool in Delhi, every word was gulped down eagerly. The president laid bare the workings and wonders of Indian democracy, talked about life as a student (an ‘average one') and gave credit to his teachers for all he achieved.

A Beano!

Rowan Atkinson atop his 1976 Leyland Mini 1,000. Why, it's Mr Bean, with his crumply-faced goofy affability. Actually, Mr Bean completes 25 years this year and Rowan, duster in hand—a sceptre of dometic chaos—took the opportun­ity to drive to Buc­kingham Palace. A beano lapped up by Londoners.

Hazel Takes a Blinder

Ah! Bollywood and cricket, the old communion that's alive and smooching. Though Virat is its current exemplar, Yuvraj Singh has been a practised bat. He keeps his hand in by teaming with British model actress Hazel Keech. Or so they say. But this girl may help his timing!


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