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  • 22 June, 2015
Swedish Rhapsody

If the setting was grand, the audience was grander. Hotel Grand in Stockholm, with President Pranab Mukh­erjee, and Swedish royalty in attendance. Dancer Astad Deboo mesmerised all with three creations—‘Vande Mataram’, one based on a Swedish folk theme, and one Dhrupad-influenced.

She Can Bite

Fishlove, the global campaign aiming for more awareness about marine conservation, has brains—instead of some bimbo, they got the incredible, inimitable Judi Dench to pose for them with an enormous lobster.  It was fun to cuddle a lobster, said Dame Judi, though she rues not getting to eat it. 

Heart is Where the Knee Is

IIFA awards! Does anybody even care? Maybe sods who laugh at the atrocious jokes that are wont to be lipped at Bollywood awards. Maybe that's what forced Ranveer Singh to take the drastic step of kneeling down to...present Deepika Padukone with the woman of the year award. Terrible sets too.

Laundering? Her?

Now for a scandal from across the border. A disaffected former PPP minister, Zulfiqar Mirza, has ‘revealed' that ex-Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari had had a torrid relationship with model Ayyan Ali, who is accused of money-laundering and now under arrest. In fact, she was quite close to being Mrs Zardari. As some in Pakistan must have remarked, that could have been the start of a beautiful partnership. 


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