OUTLOOK Monday 06 October, 2014
This Man Can Sure Defend

Eight years back on a hot July night, with the world's eyes on him, Marco Materazzi took a grievous, well-delivered, lucky head-butt. The famous Frenchman who fetched it was promptly sent out, Italy won the FIFA World Cup. The dispen­sable player (where did they get the posters?) whose big mouth earned him painful headdlines is now in India, as Chennai FC's player for the ISL. Let us see....

In His Primary Colours

With a name pregnant with stormy possibilities, a batting style that sticks closely to a related sense, Chris Gayle, bludgeoner of bowlers, is 35 and, as we see, is making a spectacle of it. A new, flashy mansion is also on its way, we hear.

Clap And There’s Food

Why can't the men governing India's other major cities emulate Chennai's continuing success in providing, tasty—and healthy—food  for the masses at a cheap price? After the great success of food kitchens comes the Amma Unavagam (Amma canteen). Frighteningly, CM Amma herself tastes the first mouthfuls.

As Required By A Top Boss

Right, if you are thinking about it, that manoeuvre by Ujjwala Raut requires great flexibility. After a forgettable outing in movies like The Xpose following a happy modelling career, Ujjwala has taken the significant decision of joining Big Boss 8. “Just to have fun," says she, leaving us aghast.

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  • They might be exultantly posing around a broodingly resplendent red planet, but do you, pati­ent assessors of Bolly­woodian verisimilitude, see determind space scientists  in Sonakshi, Nithya Menen, Taapsee, Kirti Kulhari, Vidya and ‘mission director’ Akshay? Mission Mangal’s cast, who impersonate the ISRO team which sent Mangalyaan on its way, had better stick to the antakshari made pop­ular during its promotion. What next? Spuds growing on Akshay’s poop on Mars?
  • That England is an immigrant country is evident from its cricket and football teams, and prominent young people from all walks of life—from politicians to activists, from artistes to academics. Add beauty queens to that. At Miss England, is Bhasha Mukherjee, 23, took the top laurel. But this was just a lazy aside,   almost an afterthought for Bhasha—a doctor with two medical deg­rees. Disabusing us of our hidebound ideas about pageant divas, she says she tried it “to balance out my studying”. Whew! What a winner!
  • And the Indian bridal fashion par­ade continues: a sumptuous reh­ashing of the same designs with new nomenclature. This  latest, gorgeous line by an old master at the game, Tarun Tahiliani, goes by the name of ‘Bloom’­—a richly det­ailed whirligig meant to represent a “synthesis of cultures and values” meant for “young spirited” brides. That’s some change, so take note—if you’re sprightly enough, you deserve this.
  • There’s debate if the seasonal Hollywood blockbuster—that sac­­­red tradition—has run out of ideas: an endless parade of fra­nchises with ass­ured collection from new audiences as well as millennials living their childhood once more. Be that as it may, Aven­gers: Endgame is now the biggest movie of all time, grossing over $2 billion and pulling clear of Avatar. Disney needs a new cash chest!


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