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  • 01 September, 2014
Met A Friend And Liked Her Again

One thing that you wonder is how Madame Tussaud's accommodate all the celebrity figures they are constantly moulding. Do they melt them for new ones when lesser men fade away? Can the same fate befall the red radiant Kareena, seen here flanked by her fleshly doppelganger? We like to believe not.

Master Of The Island

After Arjuna, Aravinda and Sanath, who, asked worried Lankan cricket lovers. The answer was Sanga and Mahela. The latter, possessing a rare compact grace (not, say, the languid silkiness of a Gower) in batting, retired from Tests after 34 tons. Wife Christina and daughter Sansana celebrated the occasion.

As Witty As Its Author

Off The Record, former Outlook political editor Ajith Pillai's book of tales of his wide-ranging reportage, was released in Delhi this week. Outlook's first political editor, Padmanand Jha (middle), cut an inaugural cake with Ajith (left). Vinod Mehta relea­sed the book.

The Tide Is Nigh

Wearing two heavily attention-grabbing neckla­ces, a bracelet, an armband, and still carrying off a swimsuit is surely an achievement of sorts. Former Miss India Earth (you must have gue­ssed that by her environs) Has­leen Kaur would look to exh­ibit her adaptibility in Bollywood's DNA of Love.


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