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  • 21 April, 2014
Smirk And Bear

So what did George ‘Dubya' Bush do after bullying his way to a war and wrecking Iraq? Taken up painting, apparently. And in the way of good-natured bumbling, his show (of mostly world leaders' portraits) is called 'The Art of leadership'. As for likenesses to their subjects, would it suffice to say Pervez Musharraf shares with Clive Lloyd a brotherly similarity?  

No Need For Protective Cover

Of all past actresses traipsing the demanding road to political reckoning, of all doting moms trying to drag daughters through the after-effects of raging fame, she alone would never fade. Though campaigning for a resurgent BJP in Mathura isn't a tough ask, just thumbing her nose at senescence is fun for Hema Malini.

Degree Of Parades

Is adopting the age-old pageantry of western universities becoming of spanking new temples of Indian education, like the Indian School of Business here in Hyderabad? Do those mortarboards—unaided by history—look in situ? Begowned grandees like Azim Premji and Adi Godrej don't mind the togging.

Man Up, Girl

No other raiment demands poise and confidence in such measure. Nothing else shows up a lack of the required goods. Exp­erts, speak up if Zoya Afroz passes the test. We're here just to take note of her—that she'd been Miss India runner-up, and is about to act in the movie The Xpose, where her character is inspired by Parveen Babi. And that's a tough job.


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