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  • 07 April, 2014
Out of The Lair, To Gawk At Him

Who da man in the cowboy's Stetson, looking on from the back of the open jeep? Why, it's our willow-wielder of genius, Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar at Gir, hoping he'd be lucky with a gander at a pride of predators! But the foreground shows who really is leading the expedition—wife Anjali Tendulkar.


For celebrities of different stripes, polltime is strolltime—through busy thoroughfares, bazaars, on people's doorsteps, asking for a punch on the EVM. In Bar­a­sat, near Calcutta, mag­ician P.C. Sorcar is the BJP's man, seen here wit­h­out a wand, but with daughter Mumtaz.


In Trivandrum, Congress's Shashi Tharoor doles out wisdom, affection (can it be benediction?) to next-gen worker. 

Wait Till The Barrage Lifts

ROMCOM is a tough act to put together—the dangers of melodrama lurk ever close, so is the temptation of a crack at ‘comedy', Bollywood style. But sceptics gave Yami Gautam good marks for Vicky Donor. That ability to charm and enamour through natural, bashful, blushful prettiness should see her through her next movie, Total Siyapaa, a comedy on ‘India-Pakistan romance’.


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