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  • 02 December, 2013
Didi In The Circle

As has been proved amply by the company she keeps, in Mamata's plans for regenerating Bengal, culture, rather than industrialisation, plays a central role. She now turns to Bengal's bevy of actresses for support—Rani, Sushmita, Bipasha, Koel (know this beauty) and Moushumi. Sushmita, as one can see, takes it seriously.

His Head Is Golden

After a long time, a scientist has been chosen for the Bharat Ratna—chemist C.N.R. Rao, an international expert in material science. At least, not a doltish oversight. Prof Rao looks justly delighted in a Mysore peta presented by Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah.

Green With Pride

It's amazing how Hollywood's troubled and famous regularly find India and its colours gorgeous, and find solace in its ‘spiritual­ity’. Predictably, ageing bombshell Sharon Stone came, saw and was enthralled. Predictably, she was royally ent­er­tained by Sho­bha De, who bro­ught out her largest necklace for the occasion.

Run Away With Her

Can it be true that behind that honeyed smile lies a ruthless heart, ticking away time at targets? Big Boss's Sana Khan was charged for allegedly trying to kidnap a 15-year-old girl who spurned her cousin, after which she ran and hid. A deadly accomplice? Dunno. Is pink her favourite colour? Betcha!


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