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  • 18 November, 2013
These Are Quality Times

Mukesh Ambani is a consummate family man, a model to our celebrities who opt for the butterfly principle—flitting from one flower to the other. Nita Ambani's 50th birthday was celebra­ted in Jodhpur, with the whole family present, including mother Kokilaben Ambani.

The Indian Hope Trick

The country may be all agog in the thr­oes of material glut, but India's reputation as a 'spirit­ual destination' continues. The latest celebrity to come in for a mending of the heart and mind is the unaffected and sad Demi Moore (here in Mcleodganj), post her break-­up, and looking forward to an energising audience with the Dalai Lama.

A Tale To Cheer At

Her terrifyingly real turn as a vengeful wronged woman in 22 Female Kottayam captiva­ted us. Now she has married its director. That's Rima Kallingal and Aashiq Abu, who chose to do it in a simple ceremony in Kakkanad, Kerala, followed by an unostentatious reception. We wish them the very best.

Coming Out

They're already calling it the first flush of the season—that would be Aamir Khan's 16-year-old daughter Ira at his Diwali bash. A turquoise sari matching her extreme youth, curly hair and a sparklingly shy smile. Discerning readers, you make the final
assessment on this.


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