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  • 14 October, 2013
On Polished Flooring

Amidst fulminating against UPA grandees, Narendra Modi still has time for the Divinity Series—which attempts to present Bharatanatyam in ‘fresh, modern settings'. Foun­der Deepak Shourie (third from left), Arun Shourie and others line up for the end-of-the-show snap in Delhi.

To A Domestic Princess

Biogas has rarely had its praises sung by comelier admirers than Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. The garlanded American poses with designer Sanjana Jon and Sulabh International fou­nder Bindeshwar Pathak, tongs in hand, ready to fish out som­ething edible out of the boiling liquid in the tub on the stove.     

Truth On A Beach

To debut in a Ram Gopal Verma film must be considered a bold, if not risky, act these days. But Aradhana Gupta, who acts in RGV's Satya 2, remains undiminishedly confident about her good work in it, and has great belief in the director's ‘creativity'.

Enduring Parade

Did Yash Chopra ever think his birth anniversary would be celebrated by a galactic event—a supernova of sorts? Count on pals—flanked by new-age stars Parineeti and Katrina, glide possessors of the most stared-at faces in our times—Rekha, Sridevi, Juhi, and the indestructibly gorgeous Madhuri. Shahrukh
Khan is a very lucky man.


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