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  • 02 September, 2013
The Quietest Shuttle

Even at work, P. Chidambaram has an unhurried style. So it wasn't an especially reposeful posture that he (seen here with wife Nalini) struck at an IBF match. Why, his placid, benign expression strongly suggests an interval!

For Uttarakhand

It's heartening how the Bollywood and entertainment fraternity have closed ranks behind the Uttarakhand flood victims. Here, Big B, Shahrukh and Pras­oon Joshi come together at a fund-raiser in Uttarakhand. Would other tragedies be so well-commiserated?

Bonnie Prince Georgie

Tilly the retriever lies supine to the left, called by noon naptime. Lupo the cocker spaniel gamely hangs about. In the middle lies Britain's favourite family in glorious Berkshire sunshine: William, Kate and George, their newborn son. The credit for capturing the sunny warmth of a young family—the press approves heartily—goes to Michael Middleton, Kate's father.

Gold-Plated Whisper

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again—a tortuous title dreamt up, surely, by a twit, stars Sonakshi Sinha, as ubiquitous these days as the monsoon flu, who looks askance, since being in profile makes her look her age.


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