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  • Monday
  • 12 August, 2013
Shaadi Dot Bust

If Marie Antoinette had given an Indian-themed ball, it would have looked like this—a thickening mass of brocade, silk and satin; swirling skirts and lissom figures hurryingly cleaving apart for a path for the royal couple. But verily, this is Sonam Kapoor and Rohit Bal taking a bow. Hope the bridal fashion week people are flattered by our reverie.

Purpose Of Life

The Dalai Lama's dose of fol­ksy life advice served with hum­our met 5,000 eager listeners at the 95th birthday celebrations of Dada Vaswani in Pune. Amir Khan, who could surely have worn something worthy of his angavastra, wasted no time in asking the Dalai Lama the ‘meaning of happiness'. Sigh.

It’s a Lampshade

Phata Poster Nikla Hero—a comedy (perhaps) that wears the comic on its title can be safely counted as belonging to the Bollywood slapstick genre. Ileana D'Cruz—so charming otherwise—keeps step with that spirit, and Shahid. With a skirt like that, who can blame our curled lips?

Baby, You’re The Top

There are poses that stick in public memory—Garbo indolent on the couch, Hepburn at Tiffany's, Marilyn catching a draught—and everything the talented lady would do afterward would deepen its colour. Shr­uti Haasan, who stars in the thriller D-Day, hasn't a major hit, only this—her youth frozen in an early bloom she might never recapture. A kneeling Kareena? Nope. Only gamine cool can carry her hand messing up her hair so.


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