August 07, 2020


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  • 17 June, 2013
Just Walkin’ In The Rain

As if the rain fell by design. Manish Malhotra, Neha Dhupia and a petite assemblage take a drizzle in their stride at the Pidilite show in Mumbai. Glossy silks dulled by the wetness, billowy skirts clinging to frames walking a measured catwalk...a moist-eyed audience must have gaped at the spectacle.

When Wedding Bells Toll

Did even forced weddings in a not-distant feudal  past exude an air this miasmic? The groom, IPL's tainted Ankeet Chavan, took a break from the cooler to marry Neha Sambari in a ceremony where no one smiled and bouncers directed proceedings.

When Many Heads Turn

No, dwell not on the diaphanousness of her snug negligee, or the brevity of her briefs. It's futile. Instead, appreciate the clean sweep of that exquisite jawline, or the tumble of hair curling carelessly, or the decisive, and wise, refusal to adh­ere to fashionable boniness. And Richa Chadda is out in a movie called Fukrey. Bros, hold that gaze!

She Looks Good Too

Meet Melanie Kannokada, NRI with Malayali roots, and be prepared for an avalanche of accomplishments till we run out of space—pianist, kar­ate belter, Miss India America (thus a model, and later, TV actress), Stanford grad, and now social worker in Jharkhand....


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