July 13, 2020


  • Monday
  • 10 June, 2013
Lotsa Songs And Dance

A midnight birthday bash it must have been—Bollywood style carousing, gleaming SUVs pulling over in the dark, starlets with big shades rushing in—rousing grumbling, proud neighbours. One has to to ask the bechappalled, sleep-attired Aamir about the party a loving KJo threw.

Speak For Yourself

One of the best things that resulted from the meltdown of the Iron Curtain was how East European cut­ies could ditch shabby-Bolshie clothes for our delectation. To Salman's rumoured Romanian clinch Iulia Vantur, it'd be akin to ‘being human’. Salman's dad denied anything but friendship.

On Yellow Books

The face that launches a thousand products, Sachin Tendulkar was in demand again for the brilliantly produced commemorative volume from the Times of India, Sporting Times. Abhinav Bindra lends his gol­den weight for the occasion.

D’you Need The Bouffant?

Beyond that exo­tic name, Gaelyn Mendonca is another Mumbai girl bent on entertaining (often wearing cute briefs)—modelling, veejaying for MTV, the sort who'd possibly look stunning in stills than around moving images. Can't blame someone cast in so dishy a mould if she debuted in the unappetisin­gly named Nautanki Saala.


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