OUTLOOK Monday 17 December, 2012
In Brass Relief

How does one immortalise the forever? A brass statue of debatable likeness is hardly the most dignified way to go about it. Ahhh, to hell with the brass tacks. One year after Dev Anand, Mumbai has Raju and Rosie back together. Cue Kishore and Lata, “Gaata Rahe Mera Dil...

Romance, Read Into

With the ill-fitting Moroccan Medal of Honour stifling his song ’n dance routine, it was left to the ouds and ribabs of the ochre city to charm Monica Bellucci into srk’s hands thus. Lest Berber passions overwhelm objectivity, we’ll say only this, ‘They will always have Marrakesh.’

A Simple Life

Was Paris chastened by that incident with her boutique in Mecca? Hard to tell. She did throw that vestment of faith over herself and resisted the urge to decree Ganapati ‘hot’ in Siddhivinayak. Bindi, ponytails, trippy headband... now, that’s totally dope. We know this flowerchild’s long wilted.

The Immaculate Concept

In his creations, fashion icon James Ferreira says, his soul channels the divine. For this masterwork at the Resort Fashion Week in Goa, he bared the former. God’s love, though, has no strings attached.

  • When some in the Wem­bley audience booed A.R. Rahman for singing in Tamil, Lata Man­­g­eshkar step­ped in, slamming the ‘int­­­ol­­er­ance’, then pro­udly recalling her bilingual hits with Salil Chaudhury and Hemant Kumar, as well as her regional classics.
  • There’s more to Deep­ika and Djokovic’s peck at the Premier Tennis League in Delhi in 2014. A former ‘girlfriend’ of the Djoker’s has claimed that he “would be far happier dating” Deepika. Novak is “happily married”.
  • We mistook the pair for real—that is Indira and Sanjay Gandhi whispering toge­ther in that fam­ous photo. Except that they aren’t the real article—they’re Supriya Vinod and Neil Nitin Mukesh in Indu Sarkar, playing mother and son in a movie about the Emergency. Last heard, the Congress wants an advance viewing!
  • Adding to the prominence of Sikhs in Canadian high offices is another first. Palbinder Kaur Shergill is the first turbaned Sikh to be appointed to the judiciary—a judge at the supreme court at British Columbia. Palbi­nder, a top rights lawyer, emigrated at age four from India.


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