September 24, 2020


  • Monday
  • 27 August, 2012
The Emcee Also Freestyles

Ever unassuming, Mary Kom lets her actions speak for her. And they speak volumes. But a true champion knows when to pull her punches. Trading in her trunks for the phanek at a homecoming felicitation, the Olympian drew on the quiet grace of the jhum fieldhands. The delicate twists and twirls of this traditional dance manifested just as easily as those urgent hook-and-jab flurries.


A natural marriage, is it not? To call curtains on a(nother) bridal wear ramp walk with embellished bustiere and exposed navel! What better showstopper could Manish Malhotra have situated in medias res than a Kat-walk?

Creamy Pasteurs

The faithful might well clamour for him to get off that high hide and bound up a dahi handi mandal. The Govindas, though, have not accounted for the bitter aftertaste of spilt milk. Hrithik has had his lot of curdling this year.

Peachy Schnapps Shots

Whether Saeeda Imtiaz is the spiced rum her Long Island roots suggest or a sad mash of sour mix, we’ll find out once her Jemima Khan turn in Imran biopic Kaptaan sees first day’s light. Cups at the ready, lads.


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