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  • 07 May, 2012
Vitrolic Theatricality

Clenched smiles and hasty pallu pull-ups do not comfort indicate. Yet, if Madhuri was not at ease in Balasaheb Thackeray’s proximity, hers was a masterful job of masking it. Maybe the occasion—the 70th death anniversary of Dinanath Mangeshkar—was a pacifier. Or perhaps it was that the white beard reminded her of a certain besotted artist.

The Icing’s On The Cake

A thoughtless tradition, that. Demanding the outing of one’s age once every year. For sheer scale of advertisement, there is no bettering the annual spectacles baked up for Sachin’s big day. This one time, however, obfuscating his real age (39) with a syrupy or frosted ‘100’ mightn’t be too improper a flouting of mores.

Leave Them, Wanting More

Big shoes? Tata honcho Ratan Tata knows something about filling them. When, a smidge under eight months later, he relinquishes the throne to Cyrus Mistry, he will bequeath a daunting mandate to the successor-designate. Vision 2020: turning Tata co. into a $500 bn empire. Heel well, Mr Mistry.


Not a few will attempt a ‘Vidya’ this year. A few will prove passable mimics and fewer still will capture that ovoid primality. Though the pose Sonalee Kulkarni strikes makes a poor dirty picture, there is a classical quality to the form. Fitting, that—given the inspiration for the piece: the muralist paintings of Ajanta.


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