OUTLOOK Monday 23 April, 2012
Current Convection

There’s only so much sunbeam the body can soak in before it requires timely nourishing. Writhing on the beach thus—ably demonstrated by Kingfisher calendar gal, Tena Desae—is a guarantee that replenishment will be speedy.

Crab Apples

Not that it requires any great skill to catch crabs in Manhattan, but curing the meat is a lesson best learned from experience. Masters in the art descended on NYC from the US northeastern seaboard to showcase their skills at the Varli Food festival. Of those partaking, Padma Lakshmi played the bait.

Fleurs Delish

The rising din of restive visitors—none perhaps more forceful than Anil Ambani’s brood—prised open Srinagar’s Mughal Gardens a month early. The finery of the Zabarvans was already lain. The many hued tulips of Chhota Holland, the flower
of the flock, are abloom.

His Burning Perplexion

Memo to Prateik: heed well the lesson of Icarus. Beneath Amy Jackson’s Barbie doll facade blazes a withering flame. Courting Apollonia is a right searing business. Acid trippin’ to Sunburn Mumbai was ill-advised.

  • Vicious Gulenist schoolteachers and other grave threats might have contributed to Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s grim visage, but Aamir, buoyed by Dangal’s rec­eption in China, looks pleased nonetheless. He was in Istanbul to promote Secret Superstar, a cry for equality for women. Isn’t that more of the same?
  • Even when they were scribbling away at the Oval Office, they had, along with global hotspots, an eye on fitness: hard biking (Bush), basketball (Obama) and golf (Cli­n­ton). The trio met in bonhomie, where jokes sizzled and smiles flashed, at the Pre­sident’s Cup golf tournament in Jersey City. The one man absent: Donald Trump. Thank God.
  • Now this is a reunion we have been waiting for. The ’90s was when supermodels became superwomen, and grew ever larger before our goggled eyes. A tribute to Versace brought a throwback: Carla Bruni, Claudia, Naomi, Cindy and Helena, reprising a golden age in glittering silver. And our times? Fancy Kendall Jenner? Really?
  • There must be someone perceptive to hunt down and measure lon­gest, or largest, things, but how they zeroed in on Russian Ekaterina Lis­ina is not known. Standing at 6 ft 9inches, she now has set a record of having the world’s “longest legs”. The Beijing Olympics basketball bronze medallist’s lower limbs are over 132 cm (52 in) long. What a lope!


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