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  • 06 February, 2012
To Win, Cheat...

For a film about two heartbreakers, theirs is an odd pairing. While it lasted, Bips-John was a model relationship. And no questions have been asked of Madhavan’s union. Success for Jodi Breakers rests on how convincing their act of infidelity is.

Sorry, Mammukka. It’s A Full Bus.

Broad shoulders, barrel chests and macho moushes.... and that is just Mohan Lal. Team him with 10 individuals of similar bearing and you see how his Kerala Strikers simply had no room for Mammooty.

Kutch Maddu!

Forget traversing white deserts on camelback or jeep journeys into lion country, Amitabh’s ferrying of Kutchi chhoriyo on a ‘chhakdo’ seems the most sincere of his Gujarat flirtations.

Gene-rous Pool

Blessed are those for whom photogenicity is genetically pre-ordained. Saiyami Kher is about as... endowed... as they come—both as far as double helically assured luminosity goes and otherwise. With a model father and a Miss India mother, making the Kingfisher Swimsuit calendar was
a birthright.


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