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  • 26 December, 2011
Good Looking Out

Its attention to detail and depth of information we don’t need to advertise. Outlook Group’s India Guide will speak for itself. We merely note, with sibling pride, the first copy being presented to President Pratibha Patil by Editor-In-Chief Vinod Mehta and Publisher Maheshwer Peri.

The First Khanate

The master and the ones who came after. Not that either Dharmendra (right, palming the knife) or Shatrughan Sinha (a mite late on the draw) could ever arrest viewers as did Dilip Kumar. The aura still holds, at 89. Is it any wonder that our gaze has been so wrested from his multi-deck chocolate b-day cake?

MSD Boot Camp

The snarling face and gnashed teeth could seem out of whack with his ‘Captain Cool’ persona, but then, the gentleman’s game demands all of msd’s unflappability. And so the football friendly in Ranchi had to settle for testosterone menace. As with all schoolboy goalchies, even the lack of cleats proved little handicap when given a chance to boot it.


Her name’s a mouthful, Ashika Jane Kiran Pratt. That the rest of her is too, helps. This New Zealand-born, mocha-flavoured half-and-half (Indian and Fijian) has graced Vogue India and Femina covers. Oh, and the Kingfisher calendar. Which cements her place in the ‘Ranbir girl’ sweepstakes.


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