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  • 10 October, 2011
The Charm That Never Gets Old

It is a much-bandied about term in tinsel town today, but how else to describe Dev Anand if not as ‘evergreen’? Ageless, at 88, the veteran actor is as indefatigable as ever, both helming and starring in a sequel to his 1970s hit Hare Rama Hare Krishna and genre-jumping in murder mystery Chargesheet.

It’s All In The Blood

Whatever your impression of his understanding of realpolitik, fault-finding Rahul Gandhi’s grasp of his dynastic allure is a futile exercise. This photo-op at the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s dole-out of tri-wheelers to the physically disabled is further proof of such.

Much To Be Cowed About

As if being confronted by a legion of impossibly brawny male physiques (in thongs) wasn’t bad enough for the fragile ego of the Mumbaikar man. The chiselled biceps and muscled derrieres on the she-contestants at the Sheru Classic bodybuilder pageant in Bandra offered grounds for total emasculation.

Any Publicity Is...

The first name is synonymous with the most refined of beauty and uncommon elegance in Bollywood. Can debutante Nargis Fakhri match up to her namesake’s charm? Is being rumour fodder for Ranbir the right way to go about it?


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