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  • Monday
  • 11 April, 2011
This Move Worked Once

The FICCI Frames award ceremony gave Bollywood a chance to brag and show off stronger Hollywood ties. On stage was the chiselled, grizelled (and gloriously fit) Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. Shahrukh demonstrates an old, worn move, with a sari-ed Vidya Balan thankfully getting in between.

Into a Billion Drops

Not a few lives are touched by the munificence of the world’s top philanthropists—Bill and Melinda Gates. Here they dangle a child of the Mushar community at Jamsot village, near Patna.

Leading Lights Of Mamata

Tollywood’s spent forces gather around didi, expecting an express poll finish. That’s (L to R) Koneenica, MPs Satabdi Roy and Tapas Pal, Moonmoon Sen and Debasree Roy.

A Lightness Of Being

If law permits, and if India wins the World Cup, the delightful young Poonam Pandey, the very personification of the natural ascent and descent of physical topography, will take even these slight raiments off. Before the cricket team. Before thousands. But before that, we’ve to win. Incentive enough.


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