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  • 28 February, 2011
Dryads On Duty

Who wouldn’t agree that we need more green cover? A Hyderabad ad agency attempts to wrest initiative on the issue from the UN, which declared 2011 the ‘International Year for Forests’, by launching the ‘Green Guardians’ calendar. Theme? Luscious girls in Eve-ish abandon in lusciously green Edenish gardens. This diorama shows Jessica Lee Buchanan, shot by Suresh Natarajan.

Fitting Tribute

Fashion shows are not what one would associate veteran actor A.K. Hangal with. But a gig by designers Riyas and Reshma Ganji to help the ailing 94-year-old, seen here with actor Sophie Hyatt, was an act from the heart.

A Jet Of Cool

If you were in circulation in the ’80s, you might remember <i>Top Gun</i>, the Cruise crewcut, his  seductive crackle in uniform. Not a bad substitute is Shahid Kapoor (in a G-suit), who flew in an F-16 fighter at the Bangalore AeroIndia air show. 

Rhythm Dispels Blues

The public and the police hardly ever meet on cordial terms, more so in Jammu and Kashmir. Formal efforts to achieve this are stiffly awkward. Therefore, a gust of spontaneity from CM Omar Abdullah’s wife Payal at a police-public  mela in Jammu gladdened many. When a dancer at a traditional Kashmiri rauf   performance extended an inviting hand, she accepted at once. That’s grace.


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